Barbury Castle Dressage & Novice

Barbury Castle Dressage & Novice

Tim is currently dominating the FEI dressage at Barbury Castle as he leads the 4*S with Vitali on a score of 25.6 which was a beautiful test as last of the day on Thursday in the afternoon sunshine.  Vitali had been jumping his socks off with Shane Breen on Wednesday at Hickstead so I think he will definitely be planning on a lie in today.  It was a smooth and polished performance and the warm up arena is on quite the slope (Barbury Castle lacking much flat land at all) and Vitali showed all of his balance and ‘ride ability’ there before he went in.  Being Vitali, having traversed half of Europe, numerous shows, deals with the pigs and other assorted animals at Mere farm, the sight of two flower pots beside the judges box at A gave him the fright of his life as he went to trot around his arena.  Horses never ever fail to surprise me.  Vitali spooked, span, made a huge deal out of it then went in and performed beautifully!

Today saw Chio 20 and Tim lead the 3*s on a blinding score of  24.8. It’s a big class and it includes Jonelle’s 2nd Tokyo ride McClaren who I have no doubt is not happy to be sitting on a 28.6 in 5th a few places behind him.  Chio is a big lad with allot of swagger….think England Football fan right now….whilst Mac has a bit of a ‘small man’ complex.  He has been to a Worlds and is short listed for the Olympics and I don’t think it would have been happy chatting on the way home from Barbury today as the young gun took his limelight!

Tomochichi put forward his best effort to date with a 31.4 to sit in 17th whilst Coup de Coeur Dudevin ( Joker) strutted his stuff for a 29.2 to sit just inside the top 10.

Tim rode his own and Jonelle’s Nuances de Jarsay ( Frenchie ) in the novice for a great 29 dressage, a rolled pole and a nice and easy cross country clear  and then Jarillo ( Milo) for a very flashy 25 dressage and a quick double clear for 4th.  Milo is quite horse shy so went to Barbury yesterday afternoon for a prep session which is what Team Price do best… they prep!  It was actually pretty quiet there yesterday but Milo clearly felt at home there today and he does have a big future ahead of him.

Saturday sees the 3  and 4 star jumping phases and we also have a Kiwi tent at Barbury stationed alongside Keyflow so we will be bringing Beanie Davidson’s unique catering skills to to the fore with an outdoor owners and sponsors lunch all compliant with the Covid rules.  It feels like forever since we have had such a gathering… well, early March 2020 to be precise and we cant wait for it to happen. Saturday afternoon sees the 8 Price horses go into PEQ ( Pre Export Quarantine) for Tokyo and it really is all about to get going… finally I think we can say Tokyo here we come!