Badminton SJ

Badminton SJ

A cool but sunny morning and Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) trotted up looking a million dollars this morning.  He has super staff, headed by his best mate Lucy Miles and they yet again sent him out looking the business.

The morning session produced a few clears but many more rounds that faulted.  It was a proper track with open distances, everything to lull a horse that had been forward yesterday into a flat trajectory. No complaints as the show jumping phase rightly should be influential and it certainly changed the leaderboard around a bit which was exciting for the huge crowd that were in place for the final day.

Jonelle always says that Burghley is the place where dreams come true and Ozzie has jumped clear at Burghley twice but never at Badminton.  Luis Alvarez Cevera says that the showjumping at Badminton is tougher….as in more technical but whatever the reason Ozzie picked up 12 jumping which dropped him from 6th to 10th.  In reality, not many people win Burghley and then back that up with a top 10 placing at Badminton on a 16 year old!

Ozzie just uses Badminton as his spring warm up for Burghley.  He knows he gets a nice holiday afterwards and he won yet another silver horse for the Price collection and its true to say we were not even disappointed as we love him so much.  Ozzie at Badminton… yup, we will take another top 10 from the horse that no one wanted! Huge congratulations to Piggy French who was backed to the hilt by the crowd and her win on Vanir Kamira.

And one last word on Bango ( Uno)… who bounced out of the stables this afternoon on his way to the truck and  thinks he has completed Badminton and is pretty proud of himself.

As we said on the way down to the horsebox, there is no better feeling in the world than winning Badminton like Jonelle and Molly did last year.  But the very next best feeling is taking two sound, happy and amazing horses home on Sunday that are all A OK and that will be there to have a break and go again.

Hats off to Team Price.