Badminton Jog.

Badminton Jog.

Well after a very long wait since 2019 we finally got to rock back up at Badminton with the two 5* winners Classic Moet (Molly) and Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) who have waited impatiently for a chance to strut their stuff again.  Going back to Badminton feels particularly magical when it hasn’t run for two whole years, so many of the things we took for granted have become so very special and even the  packed grandstand at the jog was fun to see as we simply used to take for granted people gathered together for big occasions and face masks were something that the Chinese did on a commute.

The team arrived yesterday and it was a sunny and breezy day for the briefing and first course walk today.  It is without doubt going to be what in racing terms is fast ground with so very little rainfall this spring  and it was a quality field forward to day for the jog.  Tim and Ozzie ( and Lucy Miles) are stabled in The Farm Yard which is a quieter spot although Lucy has christened it “Anxiety Avenue” as within the small row is Ozzie and Sammi Birch’s ride Finduss PFB ( Louis) who is a 17.3 chestnut mad dude who makes Ozzie look just a tad needy.  Esib Power’s ex racehorse Soladoun ( Alfie) is also there but he is the one oasis of calm in the group so has a major role!

Molly is in the main barn adjacent to the other Kiwis…..Bundy Phillpot with Tresca NZPH ( Pete), Muzzy Pottinger with Just Kidding ( Ferg), Lauren Innes with Global Vision M and she is as in seventh heaven as she sure knows exactly where she is.

The jog gave us a slight heart attack when Molly took a couple of odd steps mid way through the return and was sent to the hold box but breezed through on her re presentation.  Ozzie looked amazing and, as always, was no drama and the rest of the NZ crew were cool.

Molly dressages tomorrow at 4.20 pm and Ozzie goes at 2pm on Friday, the first after what is hopefully a very good lunch for the judges!

The only way to watch is to purchase Badminton TV.

BBC will be running some highlights and the top 10 on Sunday.

Here’s to a great week.