Badminton Friday Dressage

Badminton Friday Dressage

Ringwood Sky Boy’s (Ozzie’s) turn to shine today and he was a tad disappointed that the afternoon session was cool ( to say the least), cloudy and breezy with no sign of the sunshine that blessed Jonelle and Molly yesterday.

But being the pro that he us he endured the first halt for about 5 seconds and continued down the centre line with his usual workaholic attitude.  It’s something like his 18th 5 star start so this is a dude that knows the ropes. He has done a minimum of 2 a year, and several times 3 starts a year since he first ventured in to 5 star territory at Pau in 2013 which seems unbelievable that it was 9 years ago!  Howe many horses actually spend 9 years at the 5 star level….Ozzie is a true legend.

It was a solid Ozzie test with the only error being a late change on the third one and he amassed a few 8’s and a 9 for his fluid half passes. At 19 years old you dont expect any improvement but for Ozzie to lay down yet another sub 30 test at this level is extraordinary.  Tim rode his socks off and in reality, lying 19th is just 8.9 off the lead.

Both Classic Moet ( Molly) and Ozzie have all to play for tomorrow and what experience they both bring to the test.  Jonelle says she feels more pressure to ride fast on Molly than any other horse as she knows if there is a time fault its her call not Molly’s!  Tim has won the fastest time at Badminton on several occasions with Ozzie so he will be challenging for that spot too.

Happy days… we are back at Badminton for another crack at the first five star in the UK since 2019.  Roll on tomorrow.