Badminton Dressage 5th May

I feel a bit like one of my NZ riders who said ” No way, is it May now?!!”.

Apologies for the lack of info on the blog.. for my sins I am acting Chef D’Equippe at Badminton for the kiwis and have been frantically doing Badminton, entries and blogs at the same time!

So, clearly, Xavier Faer ( Hugo ) passed the jog on Wednesday. Ahem.. Sorry, should have posted. To be fair it was SO COLD! The wind picked up and we shivered as the jog took forever ( yup, Hugo number 106) as some idiot had decided to get a mobility scooter company to sponsor the jog. Now that is weird on two counts. One, its a dangerous sport and do riders really want to see a mobility scooter in all its glory as they jog on Wednesday wih cross country on Saturday?? Secondly, the 2 mobility scooters coupled with the banner meant every horse spooked violently as they approached the ground jury, shot offf across the gravel, came nervously back and then bolted down the strip away from said offending item. Hugo barely noticed as he came through the most famous arch in the world of eventing and basically saw the crowd and in true Hugo fashion was gobsmacked so its all a blur to him.

Anyway, moving swiftly onto Friday saw Tim decide to ride Hugo in a double ( Lucky Jonelle packed it!) and he warmed up beautifully with Isobel. He went into the arena with a pure Hugo Groundhog day look on his face and having never ever seen anything like this was an absolute superstar. A mark of 48.2 leaves them in 34th place but more importantly just 15 points off the lead. A couple of late changes were expensive but Hugo and Tim did us proud today.

Anyone I ask for a quote on the xc simply says “Its Big”. And that is the overiding thing, its massive! Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day for sure but Hugo has scope, is brave and he has an amazing jockey so watch this space!

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