Badminton 2019....Just the boys...

Badminton 2019....Just the boys...

Sad news from Jonelle this morning:

“Sadly we have made the tough decision this morning to withdraw Classic Moet from the MMBHT. We have struggled with her feet in this unseasonably dry spring – its no secret she likes a bit of rain! Was very much looking forward to defending our title but its obviously not meant to be this time around… wishing all the competitors and connections the very best of luck and will be there to cheer you all on”

Mud loving Molly didn’t get her favorite conditions this year… funny to think that with such a wet start to 2018 she just got the one run in at Belton before she won and although we have had a good spring in terms of events running in 2019 it hasn’t panned out for her.

We always joke that everyone always posts ” a teeny tiny injury has meant the withdrawal” but Jonelle could not have been more honest and Molly will go home to Brockenhurst Park with Xavier Faer ( Hugo) who is en route back from his American adventures, have a break with him and then will come back to have another crack at Burghley, which is another one of her favorite venues.

No one loves Molly like Jonelle and they have an amazing partnership. At 16 years old everything has to be 100% to go to a 5 star and if Molly is telling Jonelle that all cylinders are not firing this morning then you can only admire the decision to save her for another 5 star.  I mean, it’s not as though Jonelle is the competitive sort….

And Tim still has his Burghley winner Ringwood Sky Boy and his Burghley top 10 Bango so plenty to look forward to this week.  Jonelle might be the reigning winner for another few days but I can guarantee she will do her utmost to try and help Tim to keep it in the family!