Australia Day Lecture Demo

Australia Day Lecture Demo

No surprise that Tim jumped at the chance to help out with some fundraising for the Equestrian Fire Relief Australia Fund (EFRA) by joining some Aussie mates for a lecture demo on January 26th. That being Australia Day seemed fitting and with the Lowlands Equestrian Centre happy to open their doors to host the scene is set for an intriguing insight with the brief “my favourite exercise”.  Tim joins Sam Griffiths, Chris Burton, Bill Levett and Paul Tapner and we thought it would be fun to have a look at what the next decade has in store for the guys…..

Chrystal Ball Predictions for 2030.

This is a once-in-a-decade event and will without doubt be a piece of history. You will be witnessing these riders at the pinnacle of their careers and whilst you will be familiar with their achievements to date it might interest you to know what the next decade has in store for them.


Sam Griffiths. 2030.


Sam had a solid reputation as an Aussie “Mr Nice Guy” back in 2019 but over the last decade he has shown some true Aussie Grit as he embarked on projects that not only challenged him physically but thrust him into the media spotlight.  Casting aside his long held beliefs in traditional love and marriage saw Sam appear successfully in main stream media shows such as Love Island, Strictly Come Dancing and then going on to win I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here with a huge public vote as he happily ate anything he was offered.  A string of beautiful young girls threw themselves at him but Sam only ever really had eyes for Paulank Brockagh who famously became the oldest mare to win Badminton in 2023 when the lake actually became well over half of the course due to Global Warming induced flooding.


Chris Burton. 2030.


Burto had a reputation back in the day as being one of the fastest riders cross country over a CI4*S in particular but he has really hit form in the last four  years now that the WEG and Olympic format use 4 rounds of showjumping and a 3 minute cross country over collapsible fences.  With the new scoring system implemented by the FEI that awards points according as to exactly how the fence collapses upon itself Burto has remained ahead of the field by ensuring his horses never hit a fence.  Rumours abound that he trains over the old fashioned logs and telegraph poles at home but no video evidence has ever backed this up despite an exhaustive investigation by British Eventing in 2028.  Due to the ongoing data issues that have affected the implementation of the 2019 website update we expect these results to be available in 2033.


Bill Levett 2030


Bill has long been known as a family man and he spent many years doing the “right thing’ by his country by always fulfilling what ever role they thought he should perform.  Despite his success Bill was pathfinder, sacrificial lamb, cannon fodder and general dogsbody until in 2020 he decided to abandon his principles and spend half his day working his horses and half his day joining his wife Jenny in her corporate role.  The last decade has seen Bill go from 4 and 5 star success to success whilst it has to be said that Jenny’s ‘star in the ascendant’ role in her international company has slightly plummeted with the laid back approach of her husband.  Now Equestrian Australia vie for Bill’s time alongside his corporate role and also that of acting as agent for his children….one of whom is an WEG medalist in her own right as a vaulter and one of whom went out to Australia in 2022 and actually loved the bush so much hasn’t been seen since by white man….


Paul Tapner 2030


Tapers has always been an extrovert as well as an enthusiastic competitor.  He liked to style himself as “The Thunder From Down Under” in his forays into the indoor eventing circuit and has never let logistics get in the way of a chance of competing.  In 2019 he launched himself on the indoor circuit with a renewed passion, namely that he was bored senseless with a life behind a desk at the ERM offices and was desperate for some real excitement.  His initial treks to Europe in a two horse van gave him the inspiration for his epic trip to Adelaide 5 star in 2022 where he successfully managed to bypass the quarantine regulations by driving Bonza King of Rouges the entire way from Europe.  The 10, 281 mile trip was something of a milestone as his wife Georgie was only able to meet up with him at weekends so the cost esculated to a point which meant that flying would have been around 100k cheaper but, as Tapers said, there was no need for quarantine on arrival.  It was a shame that King lay down one minute into the track and slept for a couple of hours but he rose to huge screams of adoration from the crowd and Tapers reported it “felt good to be home”.




Tim Price 2030



Strictly speaking a Kiwi but with father Colin a long term resident of Sydney means Tim has an affinity with Australia and has always been a big supporter of anything Down Under.


Back in 2019 Tim and super wife Jonelle had a brace of 5 star wins between them and just the one child, the beloved of the media Otis.  Whilst Tim had spent most of the teens claiming he was “as free as a bird” and Jonelle was busy wining back to back 5 stars with her amazing mares they ended up like the original Smith Family Robertson as after the birth of their second child before Jonelle won Gold and Tim won Silver at Tokyo Olympics they decided that for every European Championship year they would have another child. So 2030 sees them with 7 children and the biggest horsebox you will have ever witnessed on the circuit as it comprises three individual units that hook up together at a three day.  Tim calls it “making memories” and Jonelle calls it “bloody expensive”.