Aston Le Walls XX 24th April

Aston Le Walls XX 24th April

Well here we go on the catch up rollercoaster!  Aston Le Walls is a commercial venue and it steps up to host dates as and when they become available and running two emergency days of 90, 100 and novice were very much needed after the spring wipeout!

Tim and Jonelle were early in to take advantage of this and after Bicton showed up a couple of gaps in the education of the babies ( after the mass cancellations)  we added a couple more.  To be fair, the only options open after Bicton were BE90 but it did make me laugh to enter Tim in this section as we have a “no 90 policy” running across the kiwi board!  But desperate times as Jonelle said.. the babies needed another outing pronto!

So there Tim found himself in unfamiliar territory learning a 90 test..  and with Gino Gingerino scoring a 32, a couple of rails at Aston’s notoriously un horsefriendly SJ and a clear cross country all boxes ticked.  Grafiba ( Graffy) was so shocked to be out again he was the nicest child for a 27.8, a rail and a clear cross country.  Tim gratefully left the BE 90 collecting ring and left the dark side forever. ( We hope). And I so hope the commentators mentioned that it was TP’s first 90….

Back in the real eventing world Tim was piloting Happy Boy round his first novice.  This went to plan with Happy scoring a 32, a pole and a clear cross county.  Nice one.  Mr Cin Cin has done a few novices and is about to step up to intermediate so his assured 34 and clear cross country were par for the course.

Jonelle was having a spin with her new rides and had a great time.  Carrick Aldato Girl  ( Cabbage) is our token chestnut mare and without being rude to Diflorio looks marginally more talented!  A 28, a rare clear SJ and just 2.4 cross country saw them in 4th spot.  Withington intermediate beckons…  and Grappa Nera ( Grape) was also pretty cool for   32,  a rail and a clear cross country.

Tim made the point that it was amazing of Aston to run the extra days. He said it rained all afternoon, it was without doubt muddy and  a bit of a slog.  I have no doubts that a couple of days in Cornwall celebrating Beaney Davidson’s birthday contributed to Aston being a long day!