Aston Le Walls, Thursday

Aston Le Walls, Thursday

Not quite as wet at Aston today so that was a huge bonus!  Jonelle had Lime Rickey as her sole intermediate ride and he is stepping up to the plate with every run she does with him.  A very smart 25 dressage was backed up with a great double clear and they were rewarded with 5th place in their section.

Three novice rides then filled the rest of the day.  Yet again Jonelle described herself as the “victim” of the dressage arenas that backed onto the cross country behind the hedge as all three of her rides were in them. Gino Gingerino and Faerie Magnifico ( George) were classed as “really bad” while Curly Girl was actually very good.  So when Jonelle rode into the showjumping and heard “38” she assumed it was a mistake and should have been 28, kicked on cross country and then discovered that she really was given a 38!  We are supposing that it was actually a mistake on the adding up or a very mean judge!

Gino had the misfortune to add in a dropped rider and a chasing motorbike on the other side of the hedge which racked his score up to a 43.5.  Not much fun! George scored the best with a 31.5 but that turned out to be the highlight of his day as he took a violent dislike to some blue fillers under a double of verticals in the showjumping, tried to stop on the way in, Jonelle kicked him on and “he then jumped it about 3′ too low” ( cant get more truthful than that!) and got tangled up in poles and such which meant he couldn’t jump out! Add another 12 faults to his tally.  Cross country pretty much continued in that mode as he, for some unknown reason, went very green and spooky and ran off and then stopped twice at a skinny for the big E and the walk of shame home.  George simply bombed around a tough Withington Manor cross country just 10 days ago so who knows what ghost and dragon stories he has been scaring himself with ever since!

Gino and Curly saved the day with two super double clears and lots of praise from Jonelle for the way that they did it.  It’s nice having some good novices coming through as it’s a long old route to the top.

Tim had three intermediates and just one novice. He seemed to fare allot better in the dressage arenas than Jonelle with some super smart scores. Spartaco posed around for a 25, Senza Fine a 29 and Happy Boy a 32.  Happy and Senza backed that up with two great double clears and Senza seems to be loving the ride that Tim is giving her as she looks a totally different horse from the one that arrived in the winter. Happy is also beginning to grow up and man up and it is showing… he is pure class when he is not being an idiot!

Spartaco picked up an unusual 4 faults for him in the showjumping but then also scampered round the cross country for fun to finish up in 12th.

Emotion ( Emma) is quite aptly named as she is a sensitive soul who needs a bit of hand holding! There is no better man to do that than TP and Emma grows in confidence with every run. A 33, a single rail and 8 time was good enough for 11th and another notch on Emma’s belt for a good performance.

Tim and Jonelle are finished at Aston but Tayla Mason makes her UK debut there on Saturday. Lorenzo Monachesi had 2 good runs with Euphorie ( Penny) in the intermediate and Fabienne ( Fabi) in the novice today and for possibly the first time ever, Lucy Miles didn’t have to drive a truck to Aston as Charlie Millegan is now chief trucking and traveling  manager! I know that 17 horses at Aston Le Walls is not one of Lucy’s most favorite things in the world but I bet she enjoyed staying at home more than she could have imagined!