Aston le Walls and Hartpury CIC3 SJ & XC

Aston le Walls and Hartpury CIC3 SJ & XC

The downside of not having an early start at Aston le Walls on Friday for Jonelle meant she didn’t get home until 8.30pm… but her two young horses went very well so that made it an exersise that was worthwhile!

Faerie Magnifico ( George) and Kalypso du Boisson Z headed off to Aston for their second BE100 in a week and they were both little superstars again.  They both did smart tests to score in the 20’s and pinged round the showjumping clear before skipping round the cross country with ease and they both finished in runner up positions in their respective sections.  Kalypso thought it was a bit rude to ask him to do two events in a week but bottomless George thought it all great fun!

Another early start for Hartpury on Saturday morning with Falco and Classic Moet ( Molly).  Molly jumped a very nice showjumping round to just tap out the planks and she was not impressed at all by being rewarded with being withdrawn from the cross country!  Hartpury was never in Jonelle’s plans but it was a useful couple of days of dressage and showjumping in the build up to WEG.

Falco stepped up to the CIC3 star showjumping looking like a total pro and he jumped a super round for a clear and many admiring looks from fellow competitors.  Falco is a jumper and as Tim says, that is a very nice feeling when you have a big track in front of you.

The rain on Friday plus the tremendous amount of ground work that the Hartpury crew had put in meant that the footing was up there with the best we have seen this summer.  Falco had plenty of questions to answer, including numerous downhill brush arrowheads as well as some bold and brave fences out in the open.  He looked quite the star as he stayed straight as a dye through the arrowheads and showed his scope over the double of corners and the big oxer down by the waters.  Tim gave him a great ride as always and it was pure fun to sit on the bank and watch such professionalism from horse and rider.  Falco has always wanted to do the job, he has just has some opinions to air along the way!

Jonelle enjoyed some down time sitting on the hill with Otis and Harriet although Otis was distinctly disinterested in his fathers antics below him and found crawling backwards down a steep slope far more fun. Since he clearly has no concept of gravity yet he choose some odd moments to stand up which necessitated in some fast moves by Jonelle to stop him turning into the proverbial Jack from Jack and Gill.  I was equally as happy to keep an eye on him since he was clutching my car keys and I had no desire to spend the latter half of Sunday afternoon searching the hill for them!

A double clear round your first CIC 3 star is pretty cool and I have no doubt that Falco bored Molly to death with tales of his bravery on the way home.  Since Molly isn’t much bothered by what anyone else does it would have fallen on deaf ears!