Aston Le Walls 9th May

Aston Le Walls 9th May

Photo: Otis does not seem to appreciate royalty as much as he should!

From Badminton to Aston….from the dizzy heights to the day job!  Not that we don’t like Aston and we do appreciate the marathon effort they put in to run literally hundreds and hundreds of horses at a time but its just not quite like winning Badminton!

Classic Moet ( Molly) is out in the Park at Brockenhurst where Trisha says she is eating grass like a starving wench and she adds that Molly would probably like a beer!  Jonelle found herself on some sprightly ponies at Aston Le Walls and Cloud Dancer ( Marley) in particular was delighted to be finally at his first start for the year and decided walking in the test was not really an option.  A very smart and polished double clear followed which was great and also timely as he now heads to the ERM CIC 3 star at Weisbaden!

Ascona M ( Ava) was appalled to discover there was a dragon in one corner of her dressage arena so refused point blank to go anywhere near it.  Fair enough if there really was a dragon. Even with three corners its hard to get a good score when you cant go near the fourth! After that she recovered her composure and executed what Jonelle said was a “spectacular” showjumping round  and a very smooth clear cross country.  There is nothing to challenge Ava’s scope at Aston and she was pretty blase about her outing.  Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) does not do ‘blase’ about anything and Jonelle remarked that she was pretty “sparky” in her test which means that Maggie May was very intense!  Maggie May does like to throw in some Grand Prix movements when she can but this judge was not impressed and a 34 was a fair mark!  Delighted to be out and no doubt seething about Molly winning Badminton she then jumped an immaculate double clear to complete her day.

Kindred Spirit ( Joey) tried his absolute hardest on the flat for a 32 and he was his usual reliable and workmanlike self for another double clear.  He has come out looking and going really well this year and it was nice for him to have an easy run at Aston.

Meanwhile Tim was having a pre-Chatsworth warm up on Xavier Faer ( Hugo) who is also known as Faerie Groundhog Day as every day is a new day to Hugo.  Having started late he is playing catch up so his Chatsworth prep involved squad training on Tuesday, Aston Le walls on Wed and then the CIC 3 at the weekend! Not entirely normal but then Hugo isn’t really your run of the mill horse as while he is blessed with enormous scope he lacks a bit in the IQ division. He had sneaked into an intermediate section so whilst his score of 33 and double clear was good enough for top 10 he was actually ineligible for any placings!

Kincooley Cruising ( Minnie) was another one of the girls to find the outing pretty exciting in the dressage and made a couple of mistakes as she could hear the cross country going on on the other side of the hedge! A classy double clear followed and she enjoyed a fun and easy run cross country.

Providores ( Bruno) is still slightly struggling to get all three phases right in one day!  At Belton 2 star he excelled on the flat and in the showjumping but fell foul of an arrowhead cross country.  At Aston he wowed the dressage judges with a 25 but then forgot how to showjump and did a bit of skittling instead before he went brilliantly cross country. One day soon he will pull it all together when he gets the hang of this eventing lark and then he is going to be a star!

Already a star and one who has mostly got this eventing pretty sorted is Falco.  He is far too arrogant to let any distractions spoil his test and he strutted his stuff for a 25.  He then decided to show off in the showjumping and was going ridiculously high which is what gets him into trouble cross country!  Tim’s remedy for that was to gallop him fast at a couple of cross country fences and that did the trick as Falco went into survival mode and aborted his Milton impression pretty quickly.  Tim slowed down then once normal event mode had been reinstalled and even with picking up 8 time Falco could not be caught so he brought home the win of the day.

I am not sure it may even be the teams first win at Aston!  They may have ridden round it a hundred times or more but its usually a working day where brakes get realigned and babies get stepped up.  To be fair Tim didn’t really mean to win but its no surprise that Falco, who is an enormous show off, thought that a win at Aston would put him on an equal footing with Molly.

No Falco.  It doesn’t! It’s a good effort though!