Arville SJ and Cross Country

Arville SJ and Cross Country

Sunday was all go go go for the team with multiple cross country ounds and the ERM SJ to fit in as well.

The CIC 2 was a huge class and that started off the day running cross country.  Three out of four isn’t bad and Tim finished best of them with a clear in 9.6 time for 4th spot.  No doubt he could have made time and won but the ground wasn’t the nicest and Spartaco has a big future ahead of him!  It was a good effort after Spartaco coasted round WWEC novice a couple of weeks ago with Jonelle for a bit of a school.

Hester was the best of Jonelle’s three and she finished in 8th place with a clear and 10.8 time while Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) was in 9th after adding a steady 18 time to his double clear.  Eddie has only had WWEC novice this season so it was good to see he has not forgoton anything he has learnt in the past!

Somewhat uncharacteristically Jonelle found herself sitting on the deck after Grappa Nera ( Grape) tripped up in the water.  She was in good company however as Michi Jung found himself in a similar situation at the same complex!  It was a simple mistake and Grape will have plenty to think about after her first big trip away.

Next up was the ERM CIC 3 star showjumping and Kincooley Cruising ( Minnie) jumped a super round with just the first part of the treble rolling out of the cups.  She looked classy and scopey and it was a very nice round for her first ERM.  Cloud Dancer ( Marley) also showed his class for another great round and although he also knocked the first part of the treble he was pretty spectacular everywhere else.

The ERM cross country caused plenty of problems.  The going was definitely on the firm side of good and the distances were pretty open to some of the skinnies which, combined with the fact that the track twisted and turned backwards and forwards past the stables several times, did not encourage the horses to tackle the forward strides.  There were plenty of early casualties and Marley signalled his distaste for the event with an early ( and naughty!) stop at 4b.  He then got his act together and went boldly on until he came to the big brush corner and decided he didn’t fancy that either.  Jonelle put her hand up and a new plan will be made for Marley for sure as the drop back into the deep end doesn’t seem to be working so well!

Minnie didn’t really enjoy the ground either and for a nano second it looked as though she might be thinking about a break back to the stables but Tim swiftly countered that.. the slight loss of momentum was enough to result in a 20 though and then it was about educating her on her second advanced start and giving her the mileage for the future.

Meanwhile the other CIC 3 star was also proving to be problematical and in this class there were quite a few 20’s at 4b so who knows what the horses saw there! Plenty of them fell foul of the corer to skinny as well.  Pats Jester ( PJ) had showjumped well to just add a rail to his dressage score and he set off cross country looking every bit the advanced horse.  He is also a smart horse and he must have associated the brush at Baborowko (where he tripped on landing) with the brush at Arville  as he went to take off over the corner before deciding to get a good look at the landing first which resulted in him breasting the corner and Tim sitting on the ground! No harm done and PJ will be schooled over brush until he realises its not actually the brush that is the problem!

Ascona M ( Ava) had created her own bit of drama in the showjumping which is not unusual in its self but to be fair to Ava, it was attributed to her being a careful and conscientcious jumper and she got a bit of a fright after tipping fence 1 and that resulted in some rectifying of the situation by Tim!  She did have a circle but it was rider driven and she didn’t lose the plot so although it doesn’t look great on paper there was no harm done.  That also meant she could cruise cross country which she did for a steady clear with some time.

All in all Arville was good.. when you take 8 horses the chances of them all ending up in the ribbons are pretty scarce!  I think we also had better weather than they did which made a nice change and we now have some proper summer forecast for this week which is going to be heaven!