Arville CIC 3 dressage and CIC 2 SJ

Arville CIC 3 dressage and CIC 2 SJ
NZL-Tim Price rides Ascona M during the CIC3* Dressage. Interim-6th. 2018 BEL-Concours Complet International D’Arville. Friday 22 June. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

As Tim had two stunning performances in the normal CIC 3 star dressage yesterday he had a bit of time to dedicate to Kincooley Cruising (Minnie) and her CIC 3 ERM test today.  Both Pats Jester ( PJ) and Ascona M ( Ava) had produced fluent tests for great scores with PJ sitting in 4th on a 29 and Ava in 6th on 29.9.  Its tight at the top of these CIC’s!  I love this photo of Tim congratulating Ava as her expression, being pure Ava which is more Queen than Princess says ” Yup, whatever” as she really is an Ice Queen.  You never know whether you are going to get Narnia White Queen or the more volatile kind of Middle Eastern Princess who likes to beat up on their staff after a particularly trying day at Harrods. And that is why Ava is spectacularly brilliant!

Back to Minnie.  As a 9 year old with just one other CIC 3 star under her belt she really was punching above her weight to be in the top 10 of a star studded ERM 3 star class.  A score of 28.1 was good enough for 7th and a delighted Tim spoke to the cameras with a big smile on his face.

Cloud Dancer ( Marley) has a reputation for being a bit of a brat but Jonelle was a bit thrown by his name plate on arrival.  Cloud Danger is not a million miles away from a sort of mushroom cloud like bomb and the similarities did not escape us!

However, Marley entered the arena looking like the total pro that he is and with some stunning trot work he was trending at 19/20 penalties for a new ERM record.  The problem with being the Golden Child seems to be that when you make a tiny error you get hammered for it.  Some school children ran down the hill in his walk, Marley lifted his head to look at them and momentarily paused and all of a sudden the 8’s and 9’s turned into 6.5’s and the trend was gone.  A bit of a climb in the first ( clean ) change and a slight prop before the second ( clean) change and he was scoring the same as a parallel behind change and he finished on a 24.7 for equal third.  Its a great score for sure but because his trot work was in another stratosphere he really does deserve to be further in front!

It may all be academic because we don’t know yet if good boy Marley or bad boy Marley will be on site tomorrow for the jumping phases…

Meanwhile the CIC 2 stars jumped this evening and Jonelle added a frustrating 2 time to Cooley Showtime ( Eddie) to stay in 2nd place when a clear would have left her in pole.  Tim made no mistake on Spartaco ( Spartacus) to move up to 3rd  and Hester and Jonelle dropped one rail to drop to 10th from 5th.  Grappa Nera ( Grape) is on a mission and she climbed up from 31st to 19th with a clear round.  I see a trend here!

Another busy day tomorrow.. the CIC 2 and CIC 3 are only avialable on the live scores but the SJ and XC will be live on the ERM for Minnie and Marley.

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