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Jardy ERM

14th July 2019
Off to France for the Haras de Jardy ERM and sunny skies greeted them on the other side of the Channel on Friday morning. With just one horse each there was time to enjoy some watching of Wimbledon (they are...
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Upton House Thursday

12th July 2019
Back at Upton with some young horses and today it was Jonelle's turn to shine as she and Gino Gingerino won their novice section adding just 0.8 time to their dressage to finish on 28.5.  A cool 6 points to...
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Upton House, Wednesday

11th July 2019
Two trucks  and 8 horses for Team Price at Upton and another early start.  Upton also had an odd way of doing the sectioning which meant that one of the OI sections ran at the end of the day so...
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Barbury Sunday

8th July 2019
A short and sweet visit to Barbury on a sunny Sunday morning with a bare minimum of Team Price!  We had Jonelle, Grovine de Rev, Tim and Otis and Hayley and it was nice to have Lauren Hough on hand...
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Barbury Saturday

7th July 2019
More sunshine and a long day at Barbury with an ESNZ rolling lunch at the Keyflow/ESNZ tent to keep everyone entertained which was really well received by riders, owners and supporters alike!  Compared to Friday it was a quiet day...
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Barbury Friday

6th July 2019
A cracking day at Barbury in glorious sunshine and everyone hugely appreciative of the new Muskateer management which saw the main arena see every single class get to showjumping in it from the BYEH classes on Thursday through to the...
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Arville ERM cross country and CI2*S SJ- Double Price win!

23rd June 2019
Hot in Belgium today and we are pretty jealous!  It's not cold here but grey and cloudy again.. after our one day of fleeting summer yesterday!  Some of the horses looked a little warm and tired at the end of...
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Arville ERM & CI2*S

23rd June 2019
Sunny and breezy in Belgium for the third leg of the ERM in Arville, the family seat of the Liedekerke family with the quite stunning backdrop of the castle giving the venue a unique atmosphere. The crew headed out on...
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Nunney, Sunday

17th June 2019
Whilst Tim was busy adding another 5* win to his CV Jonelle had 4 advanced horses at Nunney in the OI.  Somewhat amazingly the ground at Nunney was remarkable considering we have had something like 3 months worth of rain...
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Luhmuhlen SJ…. and another CI5*L win for Tim!

16th June 2019
Ava bounced through the jog this morning and then the pressure was on for the showjumping which preceded the CI4*S at that class is in fact the German Championships and appears to be the main gig of the day as...
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Luhmuhlen Cross Country

15th June 2019
Cross country day dawned..... well, to say wet would be an understatement! Overnight a massive rainstorm had unleashed all its might upon Salzhausen and the entire crew woke up to a flooded truck park with bales of shavings floating around...
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Luhmuhlen CI4*S Dressage and Nunney

14th June 2019
Well we have two Prices performing across the stage in Europe and whilst Tim had the luxury of just the one phase today with Falco's dressage test in the CCI4*S in Luhmuhlen Jonelle had the pleasure of a very very...
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Luhmuhlen Dressage

13th June 2019
After the drama of the thunderstorm that threatened to cause havoc at the jog (but mostly stayed away with just some spitting rain) had passed today was warm enough to see the crew donning shorts in Salshausen.  Not that we...
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Luhmuhlen jog

12th June 2019
Well here we have it...... Tim is in sunny Germany whilst we all bask in a tropical 10 degrees ( minus 1 with windchill) in the UK June . To say summer has departed would be an understatement.  Its actually...
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Weisbaden Cross Country

8th June 2019
It did look like summertime yesterday at Weisbaden but it didn't look all out hot today on the livestream although they certainly were not being battered by winds and rain like we had today in the UK. A few withdrawals,...
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