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Boekelo Dressage 6th October

By Jacky Green / 7th October 2017
The rain has continued on and off but Cekatinka managed to order some sunshine for her test and she really did sparkle in the arena!  Tim had timed it perfectly, she was hot enough to dazzle but sensible enough to...
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Boekelo 4th/5th October

By Jacky Green / 5th October 2017
Boekelo has had just about every thing thrown at it in the last 24 hours, torrential rain, gale force winds and now its a muddy mess!  Its always known for its laid back attitude but this year its quite the...
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Little Downham 2nd October

By Jacky Green / 3rd October 2017
Like ships in the night they passed!  Well, they met briefly in the yard at 4.30am as Tim returned from Lignieres and Jonelle grabbed her competition gear out of the big truck and headed off to Little Downham in (generously...
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Lignieres 1st October.

By Jacky Green / 1st October 2017
Pretty simple heading.. Thank God for Hester!  The girl came good and left the boys firmly in her wake as she stepped up and went out and blitzed the cross country at her first international to come home clear in...
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Lignieres 30th September.

By Jacky Green / 30th September 2017
The sun still appears to be shining in Lignieres although news is sparse as always!  Hester appeared back on the schedules for day 2 of the CIC 1 star dressage and she did a lovely test to score 40.3 and...
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Lignieres 28th September

By Jacky Green / 29th September 2017
Tracking down results from Lignieres is a tricky business and even when I have found a dubious link for some reason I only get percentages not scores!  As far as I can gather Falco is in the lead in the...
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Ballindenisk 24th September CCI 3 star WIN for Tim!

By Jacky Green / 24th September 2017
Well without doubt it was the Tim Price and Pats Jester show this morning as PJ tipped the first fence in the showjumping and as Tim said then "guts it out" to get out of the mud and jump the...
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Ballindenisk 23rd September.

By Jacky Green / 24th September 2017
Main photo: Pats Jester at Tattersalls June 2017, credit Tess Anderson. Photo left: Jonelle captioned this "Tim was in charge of Otis. He didn't make it to my warm up... I think this pic sums things up!!!" When an Irish...
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Ballindenisk International 22nd September

By Jacky Green / 22nd September 2017
Photo:  Maggie May is back! Conditions at Ballindenisk seemed to be be sunny ish but muddy... certainly Jonelle's dressage arena for the CIC 3 star had well worn tracks around it by the time she entered with Faerie Dianimo (...
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Ballindenisk 21st September

By Jacky Green / 21st September 2017
CCI 3 star dressage today and a small but classy field for Tim and Pats Jester.  Just 16 starters but they were close at the top!  Tim leads by the smallest of margins with PJ on a 46.3 which is...
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Pontispool 18th September

By Jacky Green / 20th September 2017
Off down to Taunton for the team on Monday morning with two novice rides for Tim and two OI rides for Jonelle.  Tim had a spectacularly good day with Hester winning her novice section with a 22 dressage.  This bodes...
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Blenheim International 16th & 17th September.

By Jacky Green / 17th September 2017
A busy day at Blenheim with the ERM showjumping in the main arena to start the day off.  Jonelle and Classic Moet ( Molly) clearly relished being back in the spot light and jumped a fabulous round with just one...
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Blenheim International 15th September

By Jacky Green / 15th September 2017
First up today was Jonelle who made an impressive return to FEI competition just 4 weeks and 2 days after Otis was born on the 16th of August.  Classic Moet ( Molly) was also having a baptism of fire as...
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Blenheim CIC 3 star 14th September.

By Jacky Green / 14th September 2017
Some challenging weather at Blenheim which for the past few years has been sunny and warm and this year has plunged us straight into Autumn with wind, rain, a few spells of sunshine but not warm! Tim had a pretty...
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Gatcombe International 9th September.

By Jacky Green / 10th September 2017
No international classes for Tim today, just three really smart novices.  All three finished inside the top 10 with Spartaco del Usignolo (Spartacus) taking the win and yet again putting Tim on chatting terms with the Princess Royal. Mr Cin...
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