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And we are off!

6th February 2022
A small celebration for Abel's birthday ( just a tad early but she doesn't know!) with a magnificent rainbow cake baked by Jonelle as the party piece.  And just like that the 2022 season gets underway for real as Jonelle...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Show Jumping

7th November 2021
Bright sunshine and Spartaco ( Sparty) breezed through his jog early this morning before jumping an immaculate clear round on grass footing that Tim described as "beautiful".   He held onto his third place and podium spot and the best...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Cross Country

6th November 2021
Tim and Spartaco (Sparty) sit in 3rd place at the end of cross country today and Tim professed himself "really happy to be in 3rd" and added that Sparty had pulled up well. He said it was a strong track...
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Pratoni del Vivaro dressage

5th November 2021
Photo credit Jade Roberts.  Tim and Sparty in the final warm up. 18 starters in the 4*L today and the judges used the full range of marks open to them with the leader scoring a 25.6 ( Karin Donkers) and...
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Pratoni del Vivaro jog.

4th November 2021
Photo credit Fiona Tribone Just the small team of Tim and Jade Roberts and Spartaco for the jog in Pratoni this afternoon but they are ably supported by a good friend in Fiona Tibone who is our local scout and...
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Equiratings tribute

2nd November 2021
Now often described as Eventings 'Power Couple" Equiratings have highlighted what an amazing year these guys have had.  As Tim commented, they have put some 9 horses on planes this year, competed in America, Tokyo, Italy, Germany, France, Poland and...
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Pau SJ…. and another 5 star win for Tim

31st October 2021
It has been yet another challenging year as international eventing during a pandemic is not the easiest sport and throw in Brexit and you have myriad unheard of challenges. No sooner had Tim and Jonelle got through the jog than...
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Pau 5*L Cross Country

30th October 2021
Quite apart from the fact that it was a bit of a wait (til 4 pm which is a long day on XC day) it was like sooner had Jonelle kicked off proceedings with McClaren than all the Kiwis...
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Pau dressage

29th October 2021
Well what can possibly beat this? At the end of dressage session 2 Tim leads on Falco with a PB of 22.4 and in 2nd place is none other than Jonelle on 24.4 with McClaren (Mac). Tim and Jonelle lead...
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Pau 5*L, jog.

28th October 2021
The jog at Pau is held at 8.30am on Thursday morning which always makes for a cold and early start! Good weather at Pau means glorious 22 degrees blue sky and  sunshine by day but being at the foot of...
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Fairhill SJ

17th October 2021
Photo credit Kerryn Edmans Well the boy and girl flew through the jog as did most of the rest of the field which is always a good sign that yesterdays endurance was well within the horse limits and they all...
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Fairhill XC

16th October 2021
Photo credit Jonelle Price. Well what a day at the inaugural 5 star at Fairhill.  The unusually hot weather was due to break today with a massive thunderstorm forecast for the afternoon so the start times were all moved forward...
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Fairhill Dressage

16th October 2021
Unusually hot for the time of year and whilst the support crew were in shorts and T shirts Tim was sweating in his tail coat! He was first in for the second session of 5 star dressage on Friday afternoon...
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Fairhill Jog

14th October 2021
Photo credit Christiana Ober Jonelle described the weather at Fairhill as "a bit weird, grey and overcast but quite warm!" which is allot better than cold and wet which can easily happen in Maryland in October. The jog was an...
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Finally at Fairhill!

10th October 2021
Photo credit: Kerryn Edmans, Hugo and Molly on their final leg of the trip. Quarantine in New York was tough this hand walking allowed.  Whilst Xavier Faer (Hugo) happily daydreamed and slept the time away ( like a typical...
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