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Pau, Jog and Dressage

By Jacky Green / 27th October 2022
Sunny and warm in Pau, just the conditions that Grappa Nera (Grape) is a fan of!  Grape proved in Le Pin au Haras this summer that when the other horses are melting Grape simply embraces it and who doesn't like...
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Prestige Equestrian British Showjumping

By Jacky Green / 25th October 2022
Peaceful Aila and Faerie Good Golly at Prestige Equestrian. Photo Credit Megan Hodder. From the dizzy heights of 5 star Maryland with the glitzy arena, the adoring crowds, the international atmosphere and the, well, lets face it, glory of winning...
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Le Lion d’Angers Show Jumping.

By Jacky Green / 24th October 2022
Fernhill Kankan and Jonelle breezed through the jog this morning and waited until this afternoon to jump as the 6 year olds jumped in the morning. It was a decent track, as befits a Championship, and Kankan stepped up to...
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Le Lion d’Angers Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 23rd October 2022
A long wait for Jonelle and Fernhill Kankan until 4pm to go cross country but the sun was shining and there were plenty of smart 6 and 7 year olds to watch.  The crowds, as expected, were huge and they...
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Le Lion d’Angers dressage

By Jacky Green / 21st October 2022
England was very very wet today but the sun is still shining in Le Lion, much to Jonelle's enjoyment!  It's much warmer there than normal by all accounts, we have usually encountered the first taste of winter in the misty...
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Le Lion d’Angers, Wednesday

By Jacky Green / 20th October 2022
Sunshine in Le Lion d'Angers for the jog for the World Breeding Young Horse Championships on Wednesday and Jonelle and Fernhill Kankan looked relaxed and happy.  Which in itself was testament to Jonelle's resilience as the path to Le Lion...
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Maryland SJ…and a 5* WIN for Tim!

By Jacky Green / 16th October 2022
Photo Credit Tilly Berendt. A couple of horses held at the jog this morning but they got through and Tim and Coup de Coeur Dudevin (Joker) were one of the pairs to breeze through.   It was a long old...
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Maryland Cross County

By Jacky Green / 15th October 2022
Photo credit Tilly Berendt.   Pure class from Tim today as we have come to expect.  As the new World No. 1 went into the start box he let first time 5 star pony Coup de Coeur Dudevin (Joker)  find...
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By Jacky Green / 15th October 2022
The last one day of the year and Jonelle found herself flying solo as Tim is the USA for his last event of the year at Maryland.  You know the season is beginning to close when you leave home in...
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Maryland Dressage wrap up.

By Jacky Green / 15th October 2022
Photo credit Tilly Berendt. Wise words from Tim in the media centre yesterday after his test in a great article by Tilly Berendt: Cross country starts at 7pm BST today (Saturday) and 7am in NZ (Sunday morning). You can also...
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Maryland Dressage

By Jacky Green / 14th October 2022
Photo credit Kerryn Edmans. It's a small and select field of 5*L at Maryland but hats off to them for bringing it back for year 2 which was always going to be tricky after an autumn of the Worlds and...
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Maryland 5* Jog

By Jacky Green / 12th October 2022
Tim and Joker were reunited when Tim flew out of the UK on Monday night.  He and Jonelle rocked home at 2am from Boekelo on Monday morning and in a few short hours Otis and Abel were delighted to see...
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Boekelo SJ… and a WIN FOR TIM!

By Jacky Green / 9th October 2022
When you are on a roll you are on a roll.....and Tim is on some roll!  Tom McEwen and his new ride  JL Dublin ( the reigning European Champion with Nicola Wilson)  jumped in 3rd spot and added nothing to...
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Boekelo XC

By Jacky Green / 8th October 2022
As Tim put it," the combination of Covid being very much in the rear view mirror and the great weather" brought out a massive crowd on cross country day.  Typically Boekelo welcomes around 60,000 throughout the week but today the...
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Tim and Jonelle FEI World No.1 and 2!

By Jacky Green / 7th October 2022
Jonelle announced the new FEI rankings on her instagram with the words: "Once upon a time, two small town kids dreamt that together they could take on the world. And they did. The End". It is a fairy tale for...
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