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Mallow Sunday

By Jacky Green / 30th July 2023
It might have been a cool and grey morning in Ireland but fair to say that it was pretty similar in England.  With the jet stream firmly in situ over/below the UK for the entire month of July it has...
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Mallow Saturday. 4*S, 4*L XC, 3L XC.

By Jacky Green / 29th July 2023
A busy morning for Jonelle and even busier for Tim in the depths of Ireland but one of the best days they have had in a while so all smiles tonight in the camp with the usual couple of surprises...
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Mallow Thursday dressage.

By Jacky Green / 27th July 2023
A big team in Ireland with some 10 horses spread between Tim, Jonelle and resident American Cosby Green.  It's a moot point that any country above the jet stream ( that would be the UK and Ireland ) is having...
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Aston Le Walls

By Jacky Green / 23rd July 2023
Just Jonelle and Fernhill Kankan for her first advanced at Aston Le Walls on Friday and despite having some 4 hours between dressage and showjumping it was a productive day. Kankan is smart on the flat and the quality of...
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By Jacky Green / 17th July 2023
A local one for once...just a trip to Dorchester but since the original 2 days competition had been shoe horned into just Sunday it meant a fairly leisurely start as the BE 90 classes ran first up. The BE 100...
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Upton House, Tuesday.

By Jacky Green / 11th July 2023
  Photo credit James Good. Milo and Tim busting moves in the SJ. I don't remember the last time so many different one days were done on the trot but it certainly felt a bit Groundhog Day at Upton this...
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Tweseldown Monday

By Jacky Green / 10th July 2023
It has been an epic few days of competition and we still have Upton on Tuesday to go! Tweseldown is a sandy soil base and they certainly haven't had the rain that we have had in Marlborough. Ironically, if BE...
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Aston le Walls International 4*S

By Jacky Green / 10th July 2023
A Sunday trip to Aston le Walls with just Hiarado (Jools) for Jonelle and Viscount Viktor for Tim.  Cosby Green was along for the ride with Jos Ufo de Quidam (Ufo) and she did have a good day and even...
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Aston le Walls International 3*S.

By Jacky Green / 8th July 2023
It's never easy to go from the glamour of Aachen back to the bread and butter events but Nigel Taylor and his team have a most splendid new all weather showjumping arena at Aston which Tim was very impressed with....
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Aachen Cross Country (Saturday).

By Jacky Green / 2nd July 2023
The final collecting ring for the main arena serves as the cool down after the finish at Aachen and instead of massive verticals and oxers  it is filled with ice, water and misting fans and a fair smattering of riders...
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Aachen CCIO4*S Thursday/ Friday

By Jacky Green / 30th June 2023
And just like that it is Aachen time again and we are off to The Greatest Show on Earth with all things bling and two superstar horses with Falco and McClaren. The girls (Kerryn and Megan) left Chedington with the...
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Farley Sunday and Launceton Sunday.

By Jacky Green / 26th June 2023
Photo credit: Jonelle Price.  Cosby and Guthrie after their win. Tim returned to Farley on Sunday for the last of his rides, this time with The Highlander (Ivar) for his second novice and Faerie Usain (Maude) for her second 100....
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Farley Saturday.

By Jacky Green / 24th June 2023
Tim was flying solo at Farley on a hot and sunny Saturday morning with a bit of a strung out day with 1 novice and 3 intermediates.  Megan was acting as the horses PA today ( and driver) and Aussie...
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Farley Hall Friday ….and a farewell to Grovine de Reve.

By Jacky Green / 23rd June 2023
It is rare that a Team Price truck returns to the home base 2 horses lighter but today that happened.  Jutopia ( Lola) had her last run with Jonelle before returning home to Sammi Birch who is now back in...
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Luhmuhlen and Nunney

By Jacky Green / 16th June 2023
The jog at Luhmuhlen was on Wednesday and that was the first and last public appearance for Tim and Happy Boy in the lovely setting of rural Saxony.  Happy had picked up a travel bug on the way over and...
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