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Withington OI and Advanced

28th April 2019
It seemed like every top horse and rider ( those that were not at Kentucky!) made an appearance at Withington and the sections were dominated by well known combinations throughout the day. It's always pretty windy on the top of...
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Kentucky XC

27th April 2019
  Well here we go with the first 5* XC of the year..... and it's at the Kentucky Horse Park in Bluegrass country. Steeped in eventing history and with a past testament  of tough tracks this is a destination event...
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Kentucky Dressage

26th April 2019
Well it certainly looked cold and windy in Kentucky this afternoon with spectators well wrapped up! Xavier Faer ( Hugo) still sparkled though with his coat shining and his body looking as good as it has ever done so congratulations...
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Kentucky Jog

25th April 2019
All seems to be going to plan so far with Xavier Faer ( Hugo) and Tim out in Bluegrass country and Hugo sailed through the jog without any drama on Wednesday afternoon. Colin Price has joined up with Tim and...
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Bicton Sunday

22nd April 2019
While Classic Moet (Molly) sunbathed at home and Tim hopped on a flight to Kentucky Jonelle headed back down to Devon with three novices on a stunningly beautiful spring day. Faerie Magnifico ( George) posted his usual smart test for...
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21st April 2019
Heading down to Devon on Good Friday with the sun out......even with dressage times not starting til mid morning it was still an early start with 9 horses from Mere Farm heading southbound on the M5. Tim had 5 rides...
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Burnham Market International

15th April 2019
Four seasons in one day is how Tim described Burnham but I am pretty sure the overiding theme was "baltic" and certainly not summertime! Jonelle and Grovine de Reve actually did their phases in a snowstorm! The team headed up...
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Weston Park

8th April 2019
  In stark contrast to the babies at Larkhill it was a truck full of  advanced horses which set off to Weston Park early on Sunday morning.  Weston is a funny event... it seems to exist in a sort of...
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Larkhill 6th April

7th April 2019
You can see why the Ministry of Defence uses Salisbury Plain as a training ground for the soldiers that it is preparing to deploy to places like the Arctic Circle.  Barren, windswept and utterly impossible to keep warm at are...
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30th March 2019
We have had everything thrown at us weather wise over the years at Belton... snow, gale force winds, driving rain, the whole gamut of spring and winter  weather in one weekend. This year came up dry, sunny and mostly  warm...
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Gatcombe.. season kick off!

24th March 2019
So here we go for the start of the 2019 UK  season for Tim and Jonelle and Little Gatcombe, which has had to deal with conditions over the years varying from gale force winds, snow, foot and mouth, torrential rain...
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HOYS Cross Country

16th March 2019
Best laid plans and all that!  Just going off the results sheet implies that things didn't quite go to plan but, as always, they gave it their best shot! It must have been a tough track as just six combinations...
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HOYS Showjumping

15th March 2019
The sunshine is still with the guys in Hawkes Bay and the showjumping arena looks to be a very popular place to hang out  at the LandRover HOYS.  Jonelle's ride, Ricker Ridge Divine Right, looked to be much happier over...
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HOYS Dressage

14th March 2019
Tim and Jonelle have certainly been catching some rays at Hawkes Bay as the LandRover Horse of the Year show basks in the late summer sunshine.  Hot was the theme of the day for Jonelle's ride too as Ricker Ridge...
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Tweseldown March 8th… just the boys!

8th March 2019
And we are off eventing!  Well, lets correct that, actually Tim was off eventing, all on his own! ( He did have Scooby as his co pilot however).  Not entirely sure how much help Scooby would be with studs and...
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