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Classic Moet Badminton win Press Coverage

By Jacky Green / 17th May 2018
And it rolls on... there has been so much love and support for Jonelle and Classic Moet's ( Molly) Badminton triumph it has touched us all.  It's not a rags to riches story for Molly was produced by professionals form...
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Chatsworth Showjumping and cross Country

By Jacky Green / 14th May 2018
A gloriously sunny day at Chatsworth which was nice as the ERM showjumping didn't start til after 1 o' clock so there was plenty of time to walk the cross country and see how the other 3 star classes were...
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Chatsworth ERM Dressage

By Jacky Green / 13th May 2018
Off up to the beautiful Chatsworth House in Derbyshire for the first ERM of the year which is a truly magnificent venue with a stunning mansion set in the rolling landscape of a Capability Brown Park.  It is generally regarded...
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Aston le Walls 10th May

By Jacky Green / 11th May 2018
Back to Aston Le Walls and Jonelle... the current and well deserved cover girl for Horse and Hound... had 3 feisty girls to contend with who were all doing their first intermediate which meant a bit of hard work for...
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Aston Le Walls 9th May

By Jacky Green / 10th May 2018
Photo: Otis does not seem to appreciate royalty as much as he should! From Badminton to Aston....from the dizzy heights to the day job!  Not that we don't like Aston and we do appreciate the marathon effort they put in...
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Badminton SJ and the WIN!

By Jacky Green / 7th May 2018
Today was the stuff that dreams are made of and it was a day that none of us will ever forget.  Today a dream did come true and it was all down to a little black pony and a very...
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Badminton Cross Country day

By Jacky Green / 6th May 2018
Cross country day dawned bright and sunny and the crowds were stacked up to get in even before 8am.  The kiwi tent did an amazing breakfast and as always Beanie Davidson cooked her socks off, ably supported by Kerryn Edmans...
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Badminton Dressage Friday

By Jacky Green / 5th May 2018
Not so much sunshine today but still warm and no wind which is awesome! Classic Moet ( Molly )looked as good as she possibly could and as she as Jonelle went into the main arena you could see how hard...
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Badminton Dressage Thursday.

By Jacky Green / 4th May 2018
Wow what a day! The sun shone, the wind dropped, it seemed light years away from shivering on top of the hill at squad training on Monday! Tim always has a plan worked out with pre rest rides and scheduled...
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Badminton jog May 2nd

By Jacky Green / 3rd May 2018
After all the drama and all the cancellations and the endless winter that we have endured it felt like a miracle when the sun came out at the jog and we were actually at Badminton and it was running! Both...
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Media Highlights

By Jacky Green / 27th April 2018
A stunning photo of Tim and Xavier Faer ( Hugo) advertising the ERM hospitality at Chatsworth and very fitting considering that he is entered!   Meanwhile Classic Moet ( Molly) had the 'classic' Molly photo in Horse and Hound as...
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Classic Moet babies!

By Jacky Green / 26th April 2018
As Badminton looms ever closer Lucy Miles managed to get a snap of new mother Classic Moet ( Molly) taking 5 out in the paddock.  It's a very modern thing that the real mother heads off to Badminton while the...
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Aston Le Walls XX 24th April

By Jacky Green / 24th April 2018
Well here we go on the catch up rollercoaster!  Aston Le Walls is a commercial venue and it steps up to host dates as and when they become available and running two emergency days of 90, 100 and novice were...
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Bicton 21st April.

By Jacky Green / 21st April 2018
Ahh the delights of the young horses.  All the planned starts for the babies have been thwarted by the weather so it was a real treat for Tim and Jonelle to go back to basics and deal with proper green...
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Bicton 20th April.

By Jacky Green / 21st April 2018
Sunshine and Devon are a great combination and Bicton had done a great job of accepting as many entries as they possibly could.  Miranda Collet was swapping horses into different classes right up to the day before the event which...
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