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Arville CIC 2 star dressage

By Jacky Green / 21st June 2018
Tim and Jonelle have a team of 8 horses out in Arville and they kicked off things today with three CIC 2 star tests for Jonelle and 1 for Tim.  Nothing like some back to back dressage! After the first...
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Nunney… better late than never!

By Jacky Green / 20th June 2018
Whilst we were hanging out in Luhmuhlen in glorious sunshine and enjoying the 4 star hospitality (oh, and did I mention winning as well?!) Tim was doing the right thing and taking the opportunity of a weekend at home to...
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Luhmuhlen SJ..and another CCI 4 star win for Jonelle!

By Jacky Green / 18th June 2018
An early jog at Luhmuhlen meant the team were up and about early at the stables and after ( Faerie Dianimo) Maggie May had an untimely trip on the jog strip she was sent to the hold box.  She emerged...
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Luhmuhlen Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 16th June 2018
4 star cross country is rarely without its ups and downs and today at Luhmuhlen was no exception.  The ground was good, if good to firm and the track was described by one and all to be a proper 4...
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Luhmuhlen Dressage

By Jacky Green / 16th June 2018
After a cruisey week getting to hang out with Queenie and to get to reaquaint herself with Luhmuhlen Faerie Dianimo powered through the jog on Wednesday and then spent Thursday and Friday morning doing some circle work with Isobel Wessels...
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Luhmuhlen links June 13th

By Jacky Green / 13th June 2018
Jonelle, Lucy , Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) traveled out to Luhmuhlen overnight on Sunday arriving around lunchtime on Monday.  Maggie May thoroughly appreciated having her pony companion Queenie with her for the journey and traveled possibly the best she...
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West Wilts 9-10th June

By Jacky Green / 10th June 2018
After a run of three days and CIC's it was back to business with some young horses at West Wilts on Saturday.  Jonelle had a couple of nice rides with Faerie Magnifico ( George) achieving the highest placing for the...
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Tattersalls CCI and CIC SJ and XC

By Jacky Green / 3rd June 2018
First up on Saturday was Falco's CCI 2 star cross country and he and Tim set out looking good and they just got better and better.  Falco was visibly simply cruising as his experience began to show and he tackled...
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Tattersalls CIC 3 and CIC 3 dressage

By Jacky Green / 2nd June 2018
Some grey skies but warm temperatures at Tatts on Friday which made it fairly humid but far preferable to the biting wind we sometime have here!  Jonelle and Kindred Spirit ( Joey) have had something of a breakthrough recently on...
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Tattersalls CCI 3 star dressage

By Jacky Green / 31st May 2018
Zipping into it at Tattersalls with two CCI 3 star tests this morning for Tim.  Cekatinka was first up and very early to go in the class and she certainly looked on great form outside with a bouncy trot and...
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Pontispool 26-27th May

By Jacky Green / 28th May 2018
While Tim was enjoying Baborowko on Saturday Jonelle headed down to Pontispool in Somerset to get some one day runs into her horses. One of her first rides was Carrick Aldato Girl ( Cabbage) who ideally should have been in...
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Baborowko XC.

By Jacky Green / 27th May 2018
Photo credits:  Kate Maitland With stunning weather and an incredible venue things were looking good for Tim and Pats Jester in Poland. Tim mentioned in the morning that he was going " Ollie hunting" in reference to the fact that...
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Baborowko dressage.

By Jacky Green / 25th May 2018
Tim has ventured into Eastern Europe with Pats Jester ( PJ) in a first for Team Price I think... Jonelle preferred to stay home with Otis, have some lessons with Isobel without having to share with Tim and head off...
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Tweseldown Monday 21st May

By Jacky Green / 21st May 2018
The glamour of Weisbaden with the crowds, the palace backdrop, the international field and then back to Tweseldown today with 8 rides between the two of them.  To be fair it still was an international field as it always is...
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Weisbaden ERM CIC 3 star cross country

By Jacky Green / 19th May 2018
A beautiful day in the UK and a beautiful day in Weisbaden too.  As Price Harry and Megan got hitched in glorious sunshine at the chapel at Windsor Castle half the world logged onto the internet and the BT (...
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