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Dauntsey BE 100

By Jacky Green / 17th July 2018
And yes, for sure the cover photo is Wesko ( Dash) at Haras du Jardy yesterday just cos its so cool to see him and TP enjoying themselves like that!  And...yes, Dash was absolutely top of the morning on Monday...
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Haras de Jardy ERM SJ and Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 15th July 2018
Well the King returned and made the podium....and that is a proper fairy story!  No, Alex Bragg kept his nerve to keep the lead but a podium finish and the runner up slot is pretty dam cool! Show jumping this...
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Jardy ERM CIC 3… The Return of the King continues!

By Jacky Green / 14th July 2018
For those not familiar with the Tolkien epic Lord of the Rings then the Return of the King will not mean so much... but for a South Island boy like Tim who is most assuredly aware of the fact most...
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Upton BE 100..and the Return of the King

By Jacky Green / 14th July 2018
You can tell when we get to the middle of the season as the BE 100 days, which are usually my favorite to write about, get positively boring. Since Tim and Jonelle have a policy of the babies 'learning on...
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Upton OI

By Jacky Green / 11th July 2018
A mid week venture to a venue that the Price's are not over familiar with and it's fair to say that they were massively impressed with!  Jonelle said that despite our current heatwave they had watered the ground and made...
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Barbury CIC 3 ERM SJ and XC

By Jacky Green / 8th July 2018
Glorious sunshine and soaring temperatures made for another amazing day of sport at Barbury. Tim and Jonelle were part of the winning Hunt Scurry final against the jockeys yesterday lunchtime and their team, which also included Sir Mark Todd and...
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Barbury CIC 2 and CIC 3

By Jacky Green / 7th July 2018
Hot hot hot at Barbury today and a busy day for team Price with an early start and a full agenda throughout the day. Grappa Nera ( Grape ) showjumped early and Jonelle was annoyed with herself to have 2...
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Barbury CIC 2 star day 2 dressage

By Jacky Green / 6th July 2018
Another set of dressage tests and another stunning day at Barbury with wall to wall blue skies and an amazing backdrop with the novice cross country running all day. It was a return to normal for the Price horses today...
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Barbury CIC 2 star dressage

By Jacky Green / 5th July 2018
A stunningly beautiful day at Barbury and a new layout which means that the CIC 2 star no longer does dressage down in Rabbit Valley but in the old novice showjumping site.  To be fair to Barbury the main arena...
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Tim and Jonelle discuss Weisbaden dressage test!

By Jacky Green / 4th July 2018
Quite the discussion as Tim has a good go at commenting on Jonelle's ( stunning!) dressage test on Cloud Dancer ( Marley)  at Weisbaden...
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Brightling CIC 1 and 2 star

By Jacky Green / 2nd July 2018
Back to Brightling with whole range of horses for the day... advanced established stars Wesko ( Dash) for the CIC 2 star, Bango ( Uno) for a novice comeback run and genuine young horses out for their first starts at...
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Brightling BE100

By Jacky Green / 30th June 2018
Still the fabulous weather continues and with the temps yet again pushing past 30 degrees Tim headed off to Brightling with three young horses for the BE100 classes. Grafiba ( Graffy), Gino Gingerino ( Gino ) and Seych'elle ( Shelley) ...
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Arville SJ and Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 25th June 2018
Sunday was all go go go for the team with multiple cross country ounds and the ERM SJ to fit in as well. The CIC 2 was a huge class and that started off the day running cross country.  Three...
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Arville CIC 3 dressage and CIC 2 SJ

By Jacky Green / 23rd June 2018
As Tim had two stunning performances in the normal CIC 3 star dressage yesterday he had a bit of time to dedicate to Kincooley Cruising (Minnie) and her CIC 3 ERM test today.  Both Pats Jester ( PJ) and Ascona...
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Arville CIC 2 star dressage

By Jacky Green / 21st June 2018
Tim and Jonelle have a team of 8 horses out in Arville and they kicked off things today with three CIC 2 star tests for Jonelle and 1 for Tim.  Nothing like some back to back dressage! After the first...
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