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Maryland Dressage

By Jacky Green / 14th October 2022
Photo credit Kerryn Edmans. It's a small and select field of 5*L at Maryland but hats off to them for bringing it back for year 2 which was always going to be tricky after an autumn of the Worlds and...
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Maryland 5* Jog

By Jacky Green / 12th October 2022
Tim and Joker were reunited when Tim flew out of the UK on Monday night.  He and Jonelle rocked home at 2am from Boekelo on Monday morning and in a few short hours Otis and Abel were delighted to see...
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Boekelo SJ… and a WIN FOR TIM!

By Jacky Green / 9th October 2022
When you are on a roll you are on a roll.....and Tim is on some roll!  Tom McEwen and his new ride  JL Dublin ( the reigning European Champion with Nicola Wilson)  jumped in 3rd spot and added nothing to...
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Boekelo XC

By Jacky Green / 8th October 2022
As Tim put it," the combination of Covid being very much in the rear view mirror and the great weather" brought out a massive crowd on cross country day.  Typically Boekelo welcomes around 60,000 throughout the week but today the...
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Tim and Jonelle FEI World No.1 and 2!

By Jacky Green / 7th October 2022
Jonelle announced the new FEI rankings on her instagram with the words: "Once upon a time, two small town kids dreamt that together they could take on the world. And they did. The End". It is a fairy tale for...
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Boekelo Thursday.

By Jacky Green / 6th October 2022
Just the 4 NZ riders out in Boekelo and they jogged in sunshine yesterday which is always a blessing in Holland in October!  They have formed a Nations Cup team with Jonelle and Killbunny Andy as pathfinder, Amanda 'Muzzy' Pottinger...
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Lignieres Sunday.

By Jacky Green / 2nd October 2022
It's sort of been a weekend of 'nearlys' as is so often the case with young horses climbing the ladder.  Gurtera Jimmy Clover fought his way up into the top 10 with an 8th place finish with yet another clear...
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Lignieres Saturday.

By Jacky Green / 1st October 2022
Jonelle described her day as "a day of 20's which was annoying but weirdly, I still enjoyed it all" which shows that with three new rides it's all about building a partnership.  And it's not so easy building a partnership...
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Lignieres Thursday, Friday.

By Jacky Green / 30th September 2022
Jonelle mentioned that the weather had brightened up this afternoon but with more rain forecast for tomorrow that the cross country footing was going to be holding in places tomorrow.  All of the horses have gone really well on the...
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Lignieres Wednesday

By Jacky Green / 29th September 2022
Photo: Megan Hodder grazes Jools and Jewel at Lignieres. Hardly time to take a breath for Tim who found himself with two tests to ride on Wednesday on Viscount Viktor in the 4S and Gurtera Jimmy Clover in the 3L....
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Little Downham.

By Jacky Green / 27th September 2022
An early start to head north to Cambridgeshire for Little Downham and the last advanced start of the season.  Poor Spartaco (Sparty) didn't get to start as he arrived choking and thats a horrible sight!  For those who haven't seen...
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Hickstead and South of England.

By Jacky Green / 26th September 2022
All roads seemed to lead past Gatwick airport this weekend as Tim found himself back at the sharp end with a trip to Hickstead on Friday for the Nexgen finals with Ginny Rusher, Glynn Norcutt's and Gillian Brooker's 5 year...
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Pratoni del Vivaro SJ

By Jacky Green / 19th September 2022
All the NZ horses looked brilliant in the early morning sunshine in Pratoni at the jog, as did most of the horses from the other nations.  Some 27 nations and 88 competitors had come forward on Wednesday and there were...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 17th September 2022
Fun but not fun....thats how I describe cross country day at a World Championship.  It's so much fun when it's over and its all gone well and it's so not fun when its over and the hindsight rocks in.  Today...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Friday Dressage

By Jacky Green / 16th September 2022
With two superb team scores from Monica Spencer and Artist (Max) and Clarke Johnstone and Menlo Park (Jacko) in the club house there was plenty to play for for Tim and Jonelle today.  Monica threw down the gauntlet as first...
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