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Badminton Jog

By Jacky Green / 4th May 2023
Photo credit Kerryn Edmans. Tim, Kerryn, Megan, Vitali, Coup de Cooer Dudevin (Joker)  and Scooby rolled into Badminton around 5.30 pm on Wednesday and set up camp with the Maxi and drag.  It's a new parking spot for the trucks...
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Cirencester #2 Sunday & Monday

By Jacky Green / 1st May 2023
Tim was flying solo on Sunday with just three rides.  Kerryn drove the horses up from Dorset and it was an early start with Chio 20 in the open novice which kicked the day off.  Chio hasn't been out for...
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Cirencester #2, Saturday.

By Jacky Green / 29th April 2023
Cirencester #1 only managed one day out of three and the plug was nearly pulled on Cirencester #2 yesterday after we had a cold week and a tonne of rain on Wednesday night.  But the sun finally came out on...
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By Jacky Green / 26th April 2023
Photo credit    click on the link to see the full gallery from the owners day at Chedington A day out for Tim on his own as he took a bunch of up and coming babies out for their first...
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Kelsall Hill

By Jacky Green / 23rd April 2023
All photo credits thanks to James Good. Quite the hike from Dorset up to Cheshire and with two horseboxes they skirted the Welsh border pretty much from top to bottom and made camp at Kelsall Hill on Friday with some...
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Owners Day at Chedington.

By Jacky Green / 14th April 2023
Photo credit James Good.  Tim and Jarillo (Milo) strutting their stuff. Tim and Jonelle hosted a huge group pf owners at their new base on a stormy April Tuesday and jumped horses in the rather splendid indoor which seems vast...
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Thorseby International

By Jacky Green / 2nd April 2023
After the wettest March since 1981 ( yes really!)  events all over the country were struggling this weekend to even contemplate starting: Goring Heath cancelled some days out and next weeks Portman and South of England pulled the plug (although...
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Cirencester #1

By Jacky Green / 25th March 2023
After the driest February in decades March came in with showers abundant and has totally derailed the start to the 2023 calendar.  First Oasby was lost to the snow which refused to leave saturated ground and then Lincoln was run...
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By Jacky Green / 19th March 2023
Jonelle kicked off the 2023 season with an easy trip to Moreton which, being in Dorset, is now a local.  If Jonelle was excited about starting the event season she hid it very well as it had been particularly wet...
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End of an era and a new beginning….

By Jacky Green / 4th March 2023
The eventing season is just around the corner, St David's day is behind us signalling the start of spring and the daffodils are peeking up from the ground. And it's the end of Mere Farm and the start of Chedington...
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Sweden International Indoor XC

By Jacky Green / 28th November 2022
The crowd on Thursday was enthusiastic but the Sunday night audience were truly invested in the spirit of the indoor cross country! It was a packed house and they really got behind the riders which makes for a huge atmosphere....
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Sweden International Horse Show

By Jacky Green / 25th November 2022
The SIHS was one of the pioneers of Indoor Cross Country and for several years they resisted the FEI's attempts to slow it down and make it less's a huge crowd pleaser and has been the Thursday opening night...
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FEI awards 2022……And another winner!

By Jacky Green / 14th November 2022
Proof that it is without doubt a team effort at the top when Supergroom Kerryn Edmans flew to South Africa this weekend to pick up her prize as the Cavalor 2022 FEI groom of the year at a dazzling ceremony....
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Pau Show Jumping….and a 5 star win for Jonelle!

By Jacky Green / 30th October 2022
The good days are without doubt the easiest and simplest to report on and today was unequivocally one of the exceptionally good days.  A five star horse is a very special thing and a 5 star win is the stuff...
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Pau Cross Country.

By Jacky Green / 29th October 2022
The cross country didn't start until 12 noon local time but Jonelle was one of the early starters out of the gate at no. 8 so she didn't have a whole heap of information to go on. One thing is...
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