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Strzegom Cross Country

29th August 2020
Well it was all action at  Strzegom today with all 5 horses due to run cross country this afternoon and with two different classes it meant a pretty complicated lot of walking for Tim!  They have numerous tracks here, everything...
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Strzegom Dressage

27th August 2020
Title photo credit to Alice Dorman. Team Price have 5 horses out at the Polish venture, 4 of them in the 4*L which makes it a bit of a Price whitewash as there are only 10 in the whole competition!...
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Le Pin au Haras ( Sunday)

16th August 2020
The livestream for the CCIO 4* XC took a bit of tracking down but when we finally accessed it it looked a bit misty and murky in France. The sun soon came out though and whilst the footage was erratic...
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Le Pin au Haras ( Saturday)

15th August 2020
A day where it has to be said Jonelle was simply on fire.  She and Faerie Magnifico ( George) breezed around the 2*L cross country clear in time to retain their 3rd place, just 1.1 off the lead.  Hopefully George...
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Le Pin au Haras ( Friday)

14th August 2020
An early start for Jonelle this morning as Faerie Magnifico ( George) was second into the arena for the CI2*L dressage at 8.07 and being a smart chap on the flat he did his thing for a 29.1 and then...
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Haras du Pin CCIO4*S Dressage (Thursday)

13th August 2020
The team left at 10pm on Tues night and as they left the UK in the last of the heatwave and headed out for the ferry from Dover to Calais it seems remarkable that the last time they made that...
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Cholmondeley (Monday)

3rd August 2020
So the idea of a fun filled afternoon with all the Price and Paro kids on Sunday followed by a good nights sleep before an 8am dressage near Liverpool on Monday morning went.....pearshaped.  As most plans do when small children...
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Cholmondeley (Sunday)

2nd August 2020
Photo credit: William Carey Photography. A 3 am start is really not ideal in order to ride 4 BE100 horses but that is what Tim and Jonelle had to do...I am not sure the guys loading the horses at...
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1st August 2020
Novice day at Dauntsey and summer returned with a bang with temps in the mid thirties and sweating riders across all the phases.  The ground was great though as it has been rainy and cool for much of the last...
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Bicton ( Fri, Sat Sun)

27th July 2020
A long weekend in Devon for the troops....Jonelle actually left home at the crack of dawn on Friday morning and didn't return until Sunday evening! Friday was a fairly eventful start to the event as Jonelle got flashed by a...
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Aston Le Walls ( Sunday & Monday)

20th July 2020
The marathon of trucking up the A34 and the M40 then the A361 continued over the weekend and as is usually the case with babies, it was fairly eventful to say the least! The fact that it was raining on...
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Aston le Walls (Thursday)

17th July 2020
11 horses from Mere Farm at Aston today and after a bit of a murky start the sun came out in the afternoon which was very welcome.  Normally (as in the olden days) the warm ups at Aston are fairly...
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Barbary Castle (Sunday)

13th July 2020
Tim and Jonelle really earnt their dollars today with 8 youngsters between them in the BE 100 class, all of varying degrees of experience but mostly first timers which always adds to the degree of difficulty! My first view of...
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Tweseldown (Fri) and Barbury (Sat)

11th July 2020
Well its back to business with a bang with some 25 odd horses out from Mere Farm over the weekend.  We are delighted to welcome Kerryn Edmunds back to  the team and between working on the water treadmill and doing...
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Barbury Castle to be opening event in the UK

5th June 2020
If anyone had told us at the end of last season that we would be kicking off 2020 at Barbury Castle it would have seemed simply impossible. But it looks as though the Tristar team will be the first to...
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