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Kentucky jog

27th April 2022
Photo credit Jade Roberts Jonelle and McClaren ( Mac) breezed through the jog today in Kentucky with Jonelle sporting a long skirt and sleeveless top which was in marked contrast to 2021 when everyone trotting up was in full winter...
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23rd April 2022
Super Head Girl extraordinaire Kerryn Edmans traversed the country on Thursday and Friday in her role as head trucker and really earnt her sleep on the way home from Bicton when Tim took over the wheel.  McClaren (Mac) was flying...
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Burnham Market International.

16th April 2022
The crew travelled up to Burnham Market on Thursday with 7 horses to stable on site and to work that afternoon.  Otis and Abel were also up for an away trip and for the first time in living memory it...
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South of England

10th April 2022
The Mid Generation all rocked up to the South OF England today with 4 for Tim and 2  for Jonelle.  Chio 20 was the lone intermediate with the others all sporting advanced points and putting in a run before something...
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9th April 2022
A frosty start for Kerryn in particular and also for Tim who was walking the novice track at Larkhill early this morning.  It was without doubt a cold day but with a breeze and some sunshine it was positively balmy...
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6th April 2022
From two super experienced advanced horses on Sunday to four proper babies on Tuesday... such is the merry go round of evening.  Jonelle headed off to Portman on Tuesday with her next generation string of Fernhill Kankan (Kankan), Full Monty...
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Thorseby Park

3rd April 2022
A really spread out weekend with 6 horses from Friday to Sunday for the team at a new venue, Thorseby Park in 'Robin Hood' country.  Which means a long way North for us Southerners!  When you pass the exit for...
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Cirencester Park, Sunday & Monday.

28th March 2022
And we continued to be blessed by the weather for the whole weekend!  Admittedly the mornings were foggy and freezing but when the sun did break through it was worth the wait. A cool start to Saturday for Tim as...
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Cirencester Saturday

26th March 2022
Its lucky its a local as Cirencester have spread Tim and Jonelle's rides out over three days when they are used to running 10 horses between them in one day!  But they have helped us out massively by busting a...
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21st March 2022
A different venue for the team today as they headed north for their first visit to Lincolnshire.  It's not a new event but traditionally riders have split this weekend between Lincoln in the North and Aldon in the South.  Sadly...
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Tweseldown Friday

12th March 2022
I might have mentioned that Tweseldown is usually battered by rain and gales yesterday and today it was situation normal for the March fixture as Tim arrived to a windswept truck park  (which fortuitously is mostly on hard standing), three...
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Tweseldown Thursday

11th March 2022
The 2022 eventing season kicked off on a leisurely note with Tim's two Badminton bound stars of the yard Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) and Xavier Faer (Hugo). Tweseldown has been battered by rain and wind over the years in its...
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Sunshine Tour week 3.

1st March 2022
Photo credit Juan Luis Careva The last week (for Jonelle, the tour runs through to the end of March) saw all of the horses complete their fun in the sun training and left McClaren (Mac) and Grovine de Reve the...
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Sunshine Tour week 2.

21st February 2022
Photo credit Juan Luis Cabreva.   And it's good to be able to report that for the first time in 2 years the Sunshine Tour has no drama and the sun is shining! As we have been battered here in...
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Sunshine Tour week 1.

13th February 2022
Classic Moet and Fernhill Kankan making the most of the sunshine. Credit Kerryn Edmans. It definitely feels like February here in the UK but Jonelle has been blessed with some stunning weather down in the south of Spain with cool...
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