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Lignieres Dressage

5th October 2018
Trying to find results from Lignieres is... trying to say the least.  Having exhausted every channel that I am aware of on UK and French sites and even put a plea on their Facebook page I gave up and messaged...
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FEI World rankings.

4th October 2018
The World Rankings are out for the end of September and of course have been much affected by WEG performances.  Still, despite WEG not being stand out performances of the year for Tim or Jonelle, their consistency has rewarded them...
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Little Downham advanced 1st October

2nd October 2018
Tim's last one day for the season and one he was very much looking forward to with Falco as he headed off on the long trek to Little Downham which is near Ely... guaranteed good going due to the peaty...
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Dauntsey 29th September

30th September 2018
Back to Dauntsey and two nice new rides for Jonelle in the BE 100.  Curly Girl ( Curly) has done a couple of 100's with Holly Woodhead and had one run with Kevin McNab while Jonelle was at WEG and...
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Dauntsey 28th September

29th September 2018
A chilly start but then a beautiful day at Dauntsey with the ground as good as it has ever been for this popular autumn event.  Beanie Sturgess runs it in the old fashioned way with as little a nod to...
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Tacante Interview with Faerie Dianimo

27th September 2018
Tacante is a French digital 'webzine' and they were very interested in catching up with us and getting some background information on Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May). Maggie May loves her press coverage ( unlike Classic Moet, aka Molly, who...
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South of England

25th September 2018
Pretty vile weather for poor old South of England and after stacks of rain on the Saturday we were pretty surprised to see that it was still running on Sunday! With a mixture of advanced and young intermediates there were...
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Moreton Morrell

22nd September 2018
Back to business and 4 youngsters at Moreton Morrell for our intrepid travelers.  It was first time at novice level for Seych'elle ( Shelley) and the show jumping on a surface was one of the more appealing things about this...
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WEG Show Jumping

18th September 2018
All of the Team NZ horses were fresh after an extra day of rest and the showjumping turned into an exciting finale with the order changing right up until Ingrid Klimke and Hale Bob jumped the very last fence.... which...
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WEG XC day

16th September 2018
Every championship throws up its own set of unique issues and this one has been haunted by Hurricane Florence which is yet to arrive!  XC day dawned misty and much cooler than it has been with the odd shower of...
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WEG Dressage: Jonelle and Classic Moet

14th September 2018
It was a very strong round of final team riders this afternoon where teams generally choose their top dressage players and Jonelle and Molly found themselves in the thick of some fancy floaters.  Molly really didn't give a damn as...
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WEG Dressage, Tim and Cekatinka

14th September 2018
Hot and sunny for Tim and Cekatinka in the dressage warm up today and they went in and nailed a super test to sit less than 2 points off second place on a 27.2.  The only time in the test...
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WEG: Tryon course walk and jog

12th September 2018
All 5 of the NZ horses flew through the jog and looked simply spectacular.  Its a bit like living in Northern Queensland here... we have 34 degree heat followed by a monumental thunderstorm ( which the riders got caught in...
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Tryon WEG Update

11th September 2018
So things are starting to get a bit more exciting out here now with the impending Hurricane Florence adding to the fun!  The TV stations are getting very excited about it but the locals say its just a storm.  We...
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Horse and Riders reunited at WEG

9th September 2018
Cekatinka and Classic Moet ( Molly) left Mere Farm for Badgerstown on Tuesday morning and joined up with the rest of the team horses for a 5.30am departure.  They then traveled across the Channel to Liege in Belgium where they...
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