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Saumur Dressage 26th May

26th May 2017
Limited news from Saumur as I am in Norfolk at Houghton Hall with its meagre supply of phone signal and almost no wifi at all! Rumour has it that Tim was responsible for them missing the ferry out due to...
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Tweseldown 22nd May

22nd May 2017
Another day, another dollar... Tim headed off to Tweseldown on a beautiful spring day which really felt like summer! Tweseldown had been running all weekend but its sandy soil and hard core parking for the trucks enables it to deal...
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Rockingham 21st May

21st May 2017
How cool is this?  Credit Adam Fanthorpe Photography and it's at Chatsworth with Kindred Spirit (Joey)... After a fairly hectic week which included a day at squad training where Tim rode his advanced horses through the 3 star tests with...
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Chatsworth International 13th/14th May

14th May 2017
Off on the long drive North to Chatsworth and the first ERM of the season.... Tim had planned to ride one of his two in the class but ERM rules state that the horse and rider as a combination must...
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Aston Le Walls 10th/11th May

11th May 2017
No rest for the wicked...Tim had 8 to school on the Monday after Badminton then took 8 horses to jump with Luis Alvarez at squad training on Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday were long days at Aston Le Walls and on...
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Badminton Show Jumping 7th May

7th May 2017
After a fairly tense trot up where the holding box was used extensively by vet Jenny Hall the focus moved to the showjumping in the main arena. The Kiwi horses all looked great and Xavier Faer (Hugo) in particular looked...
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Badminton Cross Country 6th May

6th May 2017
Wow. Just amazing! Tim had to wait literally all day to ride Xavier Faer (Hugo) and it was as tough a day cross country as we have seen since WEG! There were thrills and spills and bold riding was rewarded...
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Badminton Dressage 5th May

5th May 2017
I feel a bit like one of my NZ riders who said " No way, is it May now?!!". Apologies for the lack of info on the blog.. for my sins I am acting Chef D'Equippe at Badminton for the...
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Rolex Kentucky Show Jumping 30th April

30th April 2017
Well Tim can finish with pride and more info on his horse which is what he was aiming for ever since the first xc fault yesterday. Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) dropped two rails after being seriously affected by the...
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Rolex Kentucky Trot Up 30th April

30th April 2017
Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) and Tim have jogged up well this morning and they are all set to showjump this afternoon. Jumping starts at 1pm USA time. Tim gave a bit more clarity to yesterdays events as well. He...
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Rolex Kentucky 29th April

29th April 2017
I don't really know what to say... 40 xc jumping faults is so not Ozzie for sure! Like, not EVER! Jonelle sent a brief message to say that it was hot, that Ozzie dropped off the leg pretty early in...
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Rolex Kentucky 28th April

28th April 2017
Dressage day for Tim and Ozzie... weather looked great, Jonelle had arrived after a bit of a nightmare journey from New York which was delayed for various resons, one of them being to deliver a US fallen soldier home which...
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Rolex Kentucky 27th April

27th April 2017
The Kentucky Horse Park certainly turned on the charm offensive for the jog yesterday afternoon with stunning blue skies which brought out a larger than normal crowd for the first horse inspection. Every year, without fail, I am quite simply...
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Rolex Kentucky 26th April

26th April 2017
Simply stunning photo of sunrise over the cross country from Beth today! In total contrast to the cold and wet weather of last year Beth says the forecast is hot hot for the week ahead... Kentucky is notorious for having...
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Rolex Kentucky 25th April

25th April 2017
Plans, trains and automobiles have all played their part and now we have Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie), Beth, Tim and Christiana in Kentucky! Jonelle is in New York hanging out with Alice Boyce until Wednesday and Varenna Allen and...
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