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West Wilts

By Jacky Green / 18th August 2021
After Tokyo Olympics and the advanced horses at Le Pin au Haras there is always a proper down to earth moment and WWEC comes along at that crucial time in the calendar when the babies either come back out or...
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Le Pin au Haras, 2*L SJ and 4*S XC

By Jacky Green / 15th August 2021
Another day in eventing paradise for the crew today as yet another perfect day dawned with blue skies and the backdrop of the chateau defining Le Pin as absolutely the ultimate French event.  Jonelle was hugely complimentary about both the...
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Le Pin au Haras 4*S SJ and 2*L XC

By Jacky Green / 14th August 2021
Wall to wall sunshine in France today and the flashy Jarillo ( Milo) who possesses both talent and bling in droves was on fire in his first international. The photo of him cross country does  look like he is going...
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Le Pin au Haras Dressage Friday

By Jacky Green / 13th August 2021
Killbunny Andy pulled out all of the stops for a personal best at his short lived career at 4*S with a cracking score of 27.9 to sit in 8th spot at the end of two days of dressage.  Just a...
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Le Pin au Haras dressage

By Jacky Green / 12th August 2021
Another day, another dollar...or Euro as the case maybe.  Team Price are back on the road for "le Grand Complet" as they call Le Pin au Haras and one of their favourite events to attend. Unlike Tokyo this time they...
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Tokyo 2020 Show Jumping

By Jacky Green / 4th August 2021
The horses all jogged well and had some down time with plenty of walking and grazing throughout the day before the team show jumping round began at 5pm.  It had rained  during the afternoon but it did nothing to dispel...
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Tokyo 2020 XC day

By Jacky Green / 1st August 2021
With cross country scheduled to start at 7.45am and to be finished around 11.30am it was always going to be an early start.  The horses, grooms and supervet Christiana Ober had stayed out at Sea Forest and the riders were...
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Tokyo 2020 Dressage day 2

By Jacky Green / 31st July 2021
Just one session of dressage this morning before the horses relocate to the Sea Forest venue  for the cross country tomorrow and it was a classy final section with most teams running their best combination in 3rd spot.  It didn't...
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Tokyo 2020 Dressage Day 1.

By Jacky Green / 30th July 2021
Jonelle and Grovine de Reve kicked off proceedings for Team NZ in the first session of dressage this morning with a polished performance to score just shy of 70% with 30.7. Three out of 4 changes were good, the 2nd...
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Tokyo 2020 The jog

By Jacky Green / 29th July 2021
5 years on from Rio Olympics  and Tim and Jonelle are joined by Jesse Campbell (with Bundy Philpott as reserve rider) for the 3 man team for Tokyo 2020.  Just a year late and with not only a new format...
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Horses en route to Tokyo

By Jacky Green / 18th July 2021
The road to Tokyo has literally begun with the horses departing late last night from PEQ (Pre Export Quarantine) which we have been so incredibly lucky to have held at Manton Grange with the most perfect set up imaginable.  Our...
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Barbury Saturday

By Jacky Green / 11th July 2021
With the going at Barbury officially termed 'perfect' it was great to see so many horses galloping up and down the hills in what must be one of the best backdrops to any venue.  Ginny Loisel and Beanie Davidson were...
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Barbury Castle Dressage & Novice

By Jacky Green / 9th July 2021
Tim is currently dominating the FEI dressage at Barbury Castle as he leads the 4*S with Vitali on a score of 25.6 which was a beautiful test as last of the day on Thursday in the afternoon sunshine.  Vitali had...
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Keysoe International

By Jacky Green / 5th July 2021
I think the weekend could most certainly be classed as challenging!  The logistics of getting 15 horses to and from the event, the event being far from local, torrential rain and blazing sunshine and the pressure of running potential and...
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Farley Sunday

By Jacky Green / 27th June 2021
It has to be said that having had most of Tim Price's  young horse rides balloted from Farley it was slightly ignominious that he had to return on Sunday with a couple of Jonelle's rides that she had handed over....
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