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Little Downham

By Jacky Green / 28th September 2021
And that's a wrap on the one days for 2021 with Tim's sole appearance  at Little Downham today with Xavier Faer (Hugo) and Spartaco ( Sparty) in the advanced. Hugo kicked off proceedings at a rude ( when the venue...
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Aachen Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 18th September 2021
A bright and sunny day for cross country morning and so cool to see real live crowds again!  It really does make all the difference and the crew out in Aachen were as always a hugely efficient one and prepped...
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Aachen Dressage and Showjumping

By Jacky Green / 17th September 2021
Dressage this year for the eventers was back out in the driving arena on grass and not in the stadium by the stables as usual but as always with Aachen it was beautifully presented and looked like a true international...
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Aachen CHIO jog.

By Jacky Green / 16th September 2021
The Greatest Show on Earth is back for 2021.... some 18 months after it last ran in 2019.  There are some strict protocols like mask wearing and the never ending testing but Aachen is a very special place and its...
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Cornbury Sunday

By Jacky Green / 13th September 2021
Another early start for the last of the marathon one days of 2021.  We just have a few one days left and no more 'big weekends' with 3 or 4 days of back to back competition as the autumn three...
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Cornbury Saturday.

By Jacky Green / 11th September 2021
Jonelle was flying solo today with the last runs of the season for her two novice horses before they also head for the holiday paddock.  They have only just upgraded and Cornbury is a very decent novice track so a...
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Cornbury 3*S and WWEC National classes.

By Jacky Green / 10th September 2021
Photo Credit: generously given to us by William Carey. Tim headed to Cornbury yesterday for the 3*S elite section with Jarillo (Milo) and Chio 20 for the dressage and had quite fresh and bouncy horses underneath him. A 32...
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Bicton 5*L Showjumping

By Jacky Green / 5th September 2021
After a truly dismal August with grey skies and cool temperatures the first Sunday in September brought glorious sunshine to the south and Devon basked in it.  All of the horses from yesterday presented and looked great and they all...
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Bicton 5*L XC

By Jacky Green / 5th September 2021
Bicton deserved.. and got...a beautiful day for the cross country. They had bravely gone ahead with just the  35 starters and they were rewarded by a massive gate that sent us straight back into the proper realms of 5 star...
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Bicton 5*L Dressage

By Jacky Green / 3rd September 2021
Instead of the trek up North to Burghley Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) found himself being driven South to Devon for the pop up Bicton 5*L.  Ozzie doesn't much like surprises, he likes familiar things like Badminton and Burghley and...
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Wellington Tuesday

By Jacky Green / 1st September 2021
Jonelle headed back to Wellington with her three first time novices on a cool and breezy last day of September. The dressage test was 131 which Jonelle describes as "the hardest novice dressage test EVER" which was quite tough on...
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Wellington Saturday Sunday

By Jacky Green / 31st August 2021
Jonelle just had the one ride on Saturday but she made the most of it with Coup de Coeur Dudevin (Joker) showing flying form with a 25.9 on the flat and adding nothing to it to finish 2nd in his...
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Wellington Friday

By Jacky Green / 28th August 2021
I am at risk of boring you to death with posts from Wellington as the crew are there Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  It is fair to say Jonelle was not best pleased to find herself there on Tuesday but...
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Somerford Saturday

By Jacky Green / 23rd August 2021
Jonelle had a day of two very different halves whilst Tim had 4 very nice young horses that all went well.  Curly Girl really has bonded with Tim in their short acquaintance and a 21 dressage was impressive. They then...
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Somerford Friday

By Jacky Green / 21st August 2021
An early start for the team and a trip up North to Cheshire for one of the traditional 'grown up' events of the season.  Somerford is usually where the autumn three day event horses come back out for a play...
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