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Winter Series: Mazetto and Desamoray

8th December 2018
Ant n’ Dec…. Des n’ Eric….forever entwined by history but fundamentally as different as you could possibly imagine! What they did hold in common though was that they brought Tim and Jonelle to Europe in 2003 when it seemed pretty...
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Puhinui visit

7th December 2018
Tim, Jonelle and Otis are back on home soil in New Zealand... although that wont really happen until they make the South Island!  They are taking time on the way there to look in on Puhinui 3 day event in...
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Tim and Wesko in Horse & Hound

4th December 2018
Even in the off season Wesko ( Dash) continues to make great stories for the media... he is like the proverbial phoenix although ( and don't mention this to Tim) I highly doubt he will live for 500 years. Or,...
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Winter series: All about Varenna Allen.

27th November 2018
  Varenna Allen is both a very patient lady and a follower of dreams.  Many owners have their fair share of ups and downs but it is rare to find one still so passionate about her horses when so many...
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The Tim Price method!

26th November 2018
Breaking in, backing, starting.... it has many names and there are varying methods of doing it but you won't find a more natural horsemanship approach than Tim's! And lets be clear, this is not Parelli or any of those methods,...
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Horse and Hound award

9th November 2018
Tim and Jonelle have yet again displayed their popularity with the fans by winning the Horse and Hound 'Moment of the Year" award which is voted for by the readers.  Some 24,000 voted which is extraordinary considering the apathy that...
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Pau Cross Country.

27th October 2018
We often talk about horses being great levelers... and bow, Queen Ava, you take the crown this year! Ascona M is a raw talent and she will undoubtedly get her 4 star glory...she is just 10 years old and already...
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Pau dressage

26th October 2018
In the murk and mist of the early morning at the base of the Pyrenees  Tim and Ascona M ( Ava) emerged out of the gloom looking almost ghost like on the live stream! It may have been Ava's debut...
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Pau jog.

25th October 2018
Pau is quite different to most of the 4 stars and they like to do things their own way.  Hence the first jog for the 4 star is held at 8am just as the sun is peeking above the horizon...
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Le Lion d’Angers Showjumping

22nd October 2018
Another sunny day to end the 2018 season for Jonelle and Hester. Hester stormed through the vets inspection looking in great condition and there was plenty to look forward to in the showjumping. The afternoon sunshine is low on the...
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Le Lion d’Angers Cross Country

21st October 2018
Plenty of time for Jonelle to hang out and watch the 6 year old class in the sunshine on Saturday morning and also support ex stable jockey Rebecca Howard who rode 2 six year olds clear under time.  Then there...
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Le Lion d’Angers dressage and Bicton

20th October 2018
The autumn sunshine looks beautiful at Le Lion d'Angers and Hester looked a picture as she entered the arena for her test.  A late draw meant she had plenty of time to settle but although she tried her best her...
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Le Lion d’Angers jog

18th October 2018
Down in the Loire valley Jonelle and Hester are enjoying the autumn sunshine and the vibe that is so special to Le Lion.  It is the World Young Horse Championships and really does showcase the creme de la creme of...
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Lignieres CCI 2 star ends early….& CIC 1 star

7th October 2018
Despite the best efforts of all the fairytale end to Tim and Jonelle's 2 star at Ligniere have taken an early nosedive as team Price are officially on a morning off! Spartaco had to relinquish his leading position and Jonelle's...
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Lignieres CCI 2 Cross Country & CIC SJ

6th October 2018
A good day in sunny France for the team and at the end of the CCI 2 star cross country Tim still retains the lead with Spartaco ( Spartacus). Spartacus added just 0.4 ( 1 second) to his dressage score...
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