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Pau Show Jumping

By Jacky Green / 29th October 2023
A late (compared to normal) vets inspection at 10.30 which both Viscount Viktor and Hiarado (Jools) flew through.  Then a long wait until the show jumping started at 3pm which is always a bit of a drag when you are...
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Pau Cross Country

By Jacky Green / 28th October 2023
A cold night meant a cracking morning of sunshine and big crowds expected ( and arrived!)  as Pau continued to dry out on the second day of warmth and late October sunshine which is always so welcome at this time...
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Pau Friday

By Jacky Green / 27th October 2023
Much more traditional Pau weather today with bright sunshine which made it quite a different day between the white boards as the horses were much happier.  I'd say all the riders were much happier as well and we all know...
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Pau Thursday.

By Jacky Green / 26th October 2023
It's quite the hike down to the very South of France at the base of the Pyrenees for Pau and Kerryn and her crew left on the late Sunday night ferry out of Portsmouth to dock in Caen on Monday...
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By Jacky Green / 15th October 2023
The last one day of the year and four advanced horses to ride around the OI section at Oasby for a leg stretch before Pau 5 star.  It's been odd weather for October, unseasonably warm but Saturday dawned with a...
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Boekelo Showjumping.

By Jacky Green / 8th October 2023
And the sun was shining again in Boekelo by the time the showjumping started with both Jarillo (Milo) and Senor Crocodillo (Diego) floating through the jog.  Clever Louis had a thorough check over and some medication last night to make...
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Boekelo XC

By Jacky Green / 7th October 2023
Jonelle described today as "the most successful unsuccessful day I have ever had on cross country!".  No one deals with the bad days as well as Jonelle, she is honest, quick to take the blame and totally with the rap...
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Boekelo dressage, Friday.

By Jacky Green / 6th October 2023
It's 4 years since Clever Louis found himself at Boekelo and he looked happy enough to be back in the arena again just before the lunch break today.  He is a beautiful type and his 'eyes wide open' facial expression...
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Boekelo Dressage, Thursday.

By Jacky Green / 5th October 2023
A Nations Cup Team at Boekelo for Tim and Jonelle alongside former working student James Avery who now rides alongside them.  Tim has Jarillo (Milo) whilst Jonelle is double handed with Senor Crocodillo (Diego) on the team and her first...
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Show Circuit Magazine Interview with Kerryn

By Jacky Green / 2nd October 2023
A superb interview with long term Head Honcho Kerryn Edmans in NZ digital equestrian magazine Show Circuit.  Well worth a read with some insights into Kez's journey with Team Price and her love for the horses shines through all the...
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Lignieres Sunday

By Jacky Green / 1st October 2023
Jogs following cross country for Dromgurrihy Gold (Dara), Full Monty de Lacense (FM), Cooley Seeing Magic (Guthrie) and Highly Suspicious (Puff) which all went well and cross country for the Short horses this morning. It was Guthrie and Cosby Green...
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Lignieres Saturday.

By Jacky Green / 30th September 2023
A beautiful sunny Saturday in France and Jonelle had a good morning with her two horses.  Fernhill Kankan jumped what Jonelle described as "a beautiful round" in the 4S show jumping and that was enough to pull her up from...
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Lignieres Dressage

By Jacky Green / 29th September 2023
A challenging trip out to Lignieres for the team would be a bit of an understatement!  Kerryn and her team got stuck at the customs in Calais for some 9 hours after a problem with one of the carnets as...
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Little Downham.

By Jacky Green / 26th September 2023
A heap of travelling for the team today with some 5 hours North from Chedington  to Cambridge for Little Downham before a 2 and a half hour trek to Dover at the end of the day followed by 6 hours...
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South of England

By Jacky Green / 25th September 2023
Jonelle and Clever Louis had a very annoying box to tick with the FEI 13 month off the field of play rule which meant that whilst he has been competing all summer he hasn't done an FEI event so in...
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