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18th May 2022
From the crowds at Badminton to the heat of Pratoni del Vivaro and full circle back to the youngsters at Howick....Chepstow, South Wales.  Always a nice event run on the old Point to Point site close to Chepstow racecourse the...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Show Jumping

15th May 2022
All the NZ horses flew through the jog this morning and the showjumping started late morning which was nice not to have to wait around all day. It was a tough track on the beautifully prepared grass arena and clear...
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Pratoni del Vivaro XC

14th May 2022
XC day dawned clear and hot and with Jesse Campbell out as N0. 2 ( as No.1 for the team) it was clear from the start that this was no picnic and a proper track to be jumped. Jesse and...
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Pratoni del Vivaro dressage

12th May 2022
Photo credit: Alice Dorman.  Tim has a practice jump on Falco at Pratoni. NZ had drawn team number 2 so all four nations Cup Team members did their dressage today. Jonelle was no.3 so went late morning when it was...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Test event ( Nations Cup 4*S)

11th May 2022
The life of an international eventer is varied for sure....Monday morning saw a big turnaround on washing, time with Otis and Abel, riding horses at the yard, some frantic paperwork and billing for Jonelle and then a very early start...
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Badminton Show Jumping.

8th May 2022
A few withdrawals this morning before the jog but nothing that dramatically changed the order and both Classic Moet ( Molly) and Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) blitzed down the strip in front of Badminton house and looked a million...
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Badminton Cross Country Day

7th May 2022
Well we might have had to wait a couple of years for that unique feeling of cross country day at Badminton but my oh my it felt good this morning to be back! Traffic was queuing to get in from...
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Badminton Friday Dressage

6th May 2022
Ringwood Sky Boy's (Ozzie's) turn to shine today and he was a tad disappointed that the afternoon session was cool ( to say the least), cloudy and breezy with no sign of the sunshine that blessed Jonelle and Molly yesterday....
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Badminton Dressage Thursday.

5th May 2022
Today was all about Classic Moet (Molly) and didn't she just know it.  Jonelle came back down from working at the top this morning and Molly was in full on three day mode as she crossed the Park in front...
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Badminton Jog.

4th May 2022
Well after a very long wait since 2019 we finally got to rock back up at Badminton with the two 5* winners Classic Moet (Molly) and Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) who have waited impatiently for a chance to strut their...
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Kentucky Show Jumping

1st May 2022
One of the added pressures of riding a horse like McClaren is the fact he is an amazing showjumper!  Having breezed through the trot up this morning Mac was pretty happy to see some American sunshine this afternoon and he...
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Cirencester Sunday

1st May 2022
Tim was chief driver and chief rider this morning as he arrived in the truck park bright and early with his 4 rides for the Sunday of Cirencester.  It was cool (and some compared to yesterday!) and there were no...
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Kentucky Cross Country

1st May 2022
Sometimes the scoreboard doesn't really reflect the reality of a ride.  On paper Jonelle and McClaren (Mac) slid down the order with a 20 and some 13 time but, despite the fact that the cameras barely showed Mac over a...
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Cirencester Advanced

30th April 2022
Whilst Jonelle was still sleeping in America ( although probably not since she's not a great sleeper and add jet lag into that and its not a good recipe for relaxation!) Tim was up and at it at Cirencester with...
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Kentucky Dressage

29th April 2022
The sun was shining this afternoon in Kentucky and it would appear that McClaren ( Mac) finds his second trip to the USA much to his liking.  He entered the main arena with a cocky expression on his face but...
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