Classic Moet babies!

As Badminton looms ever closer Lucy Miles managed to get a snap of new mother Classic Moet ( Molly) taking 5 out in the paddock.  Its a very modern thing that the real mother heads off to Badminton while the surrogates do all the work!

So the first to be born was Jonelle’s which is now three weeks old and already has the name Faerie Good Golly, Golly at home.  Quite a striking looking foal for sure!  An unusual facial marking and 4 black feet just like her mother.

It will be a while before the sisters start eventing but how exciting to have them both coming along at the same time!  Of course Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) is ahead of Molly with her son Faerie Deodoro (Baby Jesus/Milo) already 2 and having seen some tack as well.


Some three weeks later ( how weird is that!) Trisha Rickards’ surrogate mare produced this little stunner!  This one has more white on her face and 4 white socks as well.  The markings must have come from Upsilon as Molly is pretty much all black with a few white hairs masquerading as a sort of absent minded star on her face.  I think this sister should be called Faerie Miss Molly but Trisha prefers Faerie Fizz!