Arrival at The Sunshine Tour 15th February

Arrival at The Sunshine Tour 15th February
Plano Instalaciones SunshineTour ampliaci—n 2018

News from Jonelle this morning that all 14 horses have arrived safe, sound and bright eyed at Vejer de la Frontera for the start of the Sunshine Tour, or Circuito Hipico del Sol a it is known locally.  Tim sniggered a bit in his phone message yesterday about being back in the sunshine as I looked out of an office window across the valley which was battered by wind and rain for most of the day. Tim 1 Jacks 0 at this stage…

As you can see from the site plan it is literally a huge sprawl of equestrian facilities and just one glance shows how much the horses get from literally living on site at a major competition for the next 4 weeks.  Jonelle says that they are in a new area this time with some grazing adjacent ( unheard of before!) which is a plus..the minus being that with the number of horses on site it may not last long but she notes that hand grazing does not appear to be high on the list of the jumpers routines so they may be lucky for a while! Some of the horses they have value food more than others…Cloud Dancer ( Marley) springs to mind!

As to the horses the following are currently smirking to themselves; for Tim, Up in the Air ( Harry), Mr Cin Cin ( Cin Cin), Gino Gingerino ( Gino), Providores ( Bruno), Pats Jester ( PJ) and Spartaco ( Spartacus).  Jonelle has Classic Moet (Molly), Kindred Spirit ( Joey), Cloud Dancer (Marley), Carrick Aldato Girl (Cabbage), Hester, Grappa Nera (Grape) and skin-of-his-teeth-last-minute addition Kalypso du Boisson ( Kalypso).  Lorenzo Monachesi has his own Euphorie (Penny) on site as well.

That leaves allot of good horses at home at Mere Farm but the girls and boys are going to swap over so they all get some Tour time and Tim has scheduled a few trips back home as well.

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Viva la Sol!