Barbury International 8th July

Another sunny Saturday and another busy morning for Tim.  First up was Xavier Faer ( so oddly pronounced by the showjump commentator that we wondered whether Tim was riding a small Columbian island) who skipped around the CIC 2 star track for fun to post a clear.  That left him at the head of affairs in the 100 + one of three CIC 2 star sections but Tim was very clear that he was running very much with a plan for Hugo’s assault on Burghley and fanging him round Barbury on firm enough ground was not part of that.  I presume that uber competitive owner Trisha Rickards was happy with that although I didn’t see her afterwards!  No one loves a sash like Trisha!  Hugo galloped up the hills and cruised down them and finished with a great big smile on his face which was the whole point after his amazing exploits at Badminton.  Lots of people commented that it was good to see him still so super confident but I am not at all sure Hugo even remembers Badminton anyway!

Talking of confidence, Cooley Showtime is seriously full of it.  He too bounced round his massive CIC 2 star section clear and then was a real double handful at the cross country warm up!  He sped up the hills and was also contained down the hill for a super clear and a very happy boy at the finish.  His next destination is Aachen CCIO 3 which is quite the deal for just and 8 year old… luckily Eddie is a particularly precocious 8 year old!  I have no doubt whatsover that Aachen will be right up that playboy’s street!

At the business end of things was the CIC 3 star and Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) went down to the main arena like a pro, warmed up like a pro and jumped like a pro.  Clear round, box ticked, job done.  Go Ozzie!  He now lies 3rd still by 1.2… what a legend!

Finally the CIC 3 ERM and Cekatinka’s turn.  Tinka had been hanging out in the sunshine all day tied up to the truck amusing herself watching the 2 star showjumping when a grey mare with a long mane, a fat belly and a smile on her pretty face was tied up next to her.  Faerie Dianimo aka Maggie May is back in work… she has done the leg work back home at Brockenhurst Park and arrived today to go back to Mere Farm!  While I fell all over Maggie May and discovered she now prefers grapes to polos (I am sure its a temp thing as she is a tad embarrassed about her tummy) she obviously had time for a bit of a chat with Tinka who is the most straightforward, dependable and reliable girl in the business.  Tinka went down for her CIC 3 test with Tim in the ERM section arena and did some stunning trotwork even though she was accompanied by “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” over the loud speakers. ( Tim’s choice.. and it even played until dead the end of his trot work!).  Then she walked fine and then when TP went to canter it kind of started to go awry.  A few very expensive breaks and mistakes left them on a 47 which Tim was as pragmatic about as always but I have my suspicions Maggie May was passing on a few tricks…  On a walk around the lorry park later she attacked Sam Watson’s distinctly yellow pony proving she is a racist as ever ( she never could abide any form of coloured!) and Sam said straight away ” Is that Maggie May?”!!!

Showjumping for Tinka tomorrow and then cross country for both her and Ozzie…and hopefully the fabulous weather will continue!